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I did actually write a goals and wishes post for 2020 too but it's been such a weird year I feel like it was hard to achieve them. Although, this has been my best, most consistent year for blogging yet. All the lockdowns actually helped my blog so there's one positive from 2020, but I really am looking forward to 2021. Hopefully things will be more normal but we'll see.

Lauren Kenny at Mudeford Quay

Blogging goals

1. Reaching 5000 views on a single blog post - not as of yet.

This is a stretch but so far the most views I have on a blog post is 3400. At the beginning of 2020 the most views I'd ever had was 1400 and that was a complete fluke. I used to get 200 views if I was lucky so if my blog keeps growing the way it has been, I really hope I can reach this goal.

2. 5000 Instagram followers - close, I got to 4200 at the end of 2021

I am going to really try to grow my Instagram this year. At the start of the year I had 1700 ish (I can't remember the exact number) and I'm starting 2021 with over 3000 followers. Again, it's a steep goal but I am hoping to achieve it. I will write some posts documenting my journey on how I am intending to gain more of a following. One thing that's important to gaining followers is consistent branding. Check out these social media canva templates to help with branding across all of your social media channels.

3. 20,000 monthly blog views - sadly not

Again, another steep goal but the most views I've gotten in a month so far was 15,000 views back in November - so hopefully not too far off. See how I got over 10,000 monthly views this year.

4. 100,000 yearly blog views or over for 2021 - DONE

This year I reached 78,000 views on my blog for the year and I only really started properly blogging again in April, so I'm hoping with log views starting from January this time will make this a realistic goal for me. I'm definitely going to have to plan my blog and content more effectively too. Check out THE ULTIMATE yearly blogging planner to help you plan yours.

5. Make money through blogging - DONE

I love blogging without making money from it but from seeing what other bloggers can make with their blog I may as well try. It would be so amazing to be able to make even a little bit of money through a hobby that I love but I still feel like I have a long way to go for this goal. In 2020 I have done several gifted ads so I just need to go that one step further. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

6. Work on SEO and increase my DA score - DA has improved

This is kind of goes hand in hand with goal number 5 because I feel like most paid ads require a high(ish) domain authority score. I will be the first to admit that my SEO needs a lot of work so hopefully this is something I can improve in 2021. Again, any tips would be amazing. For those of you who don't know, a domain authority (DA) score is a score out of 100 that is to do with your SEO (search engine optimisation) and the higher your score, the more likely you are to rank higher on search engines like Google. A lot of brands will only work with you if your DA score is over 20 but some don't mind.

One resource I have started using already to help with SEO is the Google Analytics Cheatsheet mini E-book

Personal goals

1. Graduate university with a 2:1 - DONE

I am hoping this is achievable for me, I usually get mostly 2:1s on my assignments so fingers crossed!! I am graduating this year, scary I know.

2. Cook more proper meals - I tried many pasta dishes, I’m counting this

If anyone knows me they know that I'm not really a cook. I've just always thought I was rubbish at it but that's only because I've not really tried properly. I've made a couple of things lately that were quite nice so I am going to try making more meals that I like. When I leave uni I will probably have to stop eating like a student.

3. Cut things out that aren't good for my mental health - doing pretty well with this

I asked what your goals were on Instagram and this one from my friend Gee inspired me. It's so important to try and only be around things that positively affect our mental health. If something has a negative effect on me then chances are, I'm going to avoid it or cut it out this year. I am pretty good at doing this anyway but there's always room for improvement.

Post-Covid Goals

Zell am See

I would have a lot more goals if it weren't for Covid but after the way this year has gone, I have no idea what will happen. I may as well just share the things I want to do and if I can't do them, then fine but if I can it will be really nice to look back on this post and tick them off.

1. Go abroad - I WISH!!!

I LOVE travelling and going away and if we can, it will probably be the first thing I'd want to do. I don't even mind where I go but it would be so lovely to get away. We can hope!

2. Celebrate my birthday out of the house - sadly not again but I did way more to celebrate this year

This year, I spent my 21st birthday in lockdown. Although I had a lovely time, it would be nice to celebrate my birthday out of the house, maybe with a meal or something.

3. Go to my summer ball - cancelled :(

I am in my final year of university which means this year's summer ball will be my last if it goes ahead. It would be great to go and celebrate finishing uni with all my friends.

4. Have a graduation - DONE

At our uni, the graduation ceremonies are held around November, so I am hoping by then we will be able to have a proper graduation but I am not going to set my hopes too high.

What are your goals for 2021?

If you'd like to see what I got up to in 2020 then head over to my 2020 round up.

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  1. I love all of these goals and reading about what you're aiming to achieve. I hope you're able to do them all. Happy new year xx

    1. Thanks Della, I love reading other peoples’ goals too :) xx

  2. I wish you the best of luck! I also hope to go abroad this year.

    1. Thank you! Yeah it would be so amazing and I feel like we’d appreciate it so much more :)

  3. These are all amazing goals - best of luck but I'm sure you'll smash them! x

    Sophie |

  4. It is always good to set goals. I out down a priority /goal /vision board on my notepad.

    I started it in 2020 and continued on this new year 2021.
    It helps you to fo back to your goals and checked off which ones you have accomplished.

    Thanks doe sharing your blog.

    Keep going and you will get there!

    Laura @myreallifetips

    1. Sounds like a great idea. Always makes me feel motivated when i complete goals :)

  5. You made some amazing achievements in 2020 that you should definitely be proud of! Wishing you all the best for the new year :)

  6. I hope you achieve all of your goals in 2021 lovely, I'm sure you will! x

    Lucy |

  7. Thanks for sharing your goals for this year, lets hope you get to achieve them :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  8. These are some great goals and I wish you well in achieving them. I like that you have broken it down into different areas of your life.

    1. Thanks Kelly! Yeah I like to keep my blogging goals separate just so I don’t let them take over too much

  9. These goals are great - I hope you achieve them! xx Post-Covid seems so far away but I'm so excited. I'm trying not to get my hopes up too much but I'd love to grow my blog and maybe get 1500 on insta x

    1. Aw you can definitely achieve that! I am trying not to get my hopes up either :)

  10. we have quite a few goals in common! cheers to us achieving them!

  11. I want to grow my blog too and hopefully monetize. The lockdown also helped me blog more. Goodluck on your 2021 goals! Hopefully you'll be able to reach them all!


  12. You’ve set some really good goals here! I hope you get to see your post-COVID goals through especially! Good luck!

    Steff x

  13. Some fab goals here and I'm sure you'll smash all of them! I really need to start working on SEO and DA but I don't even know where to start!

    Tash - A Girl with a View

  14. Wow such a great list of goals! I hope you're able to achieve them, and sounds like you had a really productive 2020 when it comes to your blog!

    Katie |

  15. Love this! I hope you smash your blogging goals :) I’m hoping to reach 10,000 yearly views but I only started blogging this week so it’s a steep goal too!

  16. These are some excellent goals. I find writing down my goals and sharing them really helps to keep me motivated to work towards them. I'm also working on SEO and increasing my DA this year. Good luck hitting all of these goals, I'm sure you will do well with them.

  17. These are such amazing goals! I have no doubt that you will absolutely smash these goals and I am looking forward to seeing that happen x x

  18. There are so many great goals for 2021 in your list (which I'm sure you'll smash this year!). I love that you split your goals into sections e.g. blogging etc. - it's a great way to organise everything :) x

  19. I really hope you are able to reach your goals, and by the sounds of it I think you'll smash your blogging goals! I graduated last year and so haven't had a graduation, I'll have to wait and see whether they hold on in July for all of us who finished last year! x

    Emily |

  20. These are great goals! I really want to work on my DA score in 2021 too - do you run ads on your blog? If you're getting 10k + views a month, that's easily like $75 with adsense xx

    mia //

  21. What a lovely wide range of goals! All of my blogging ones are pretty similar to yours, although I've split them into monthly goals so that I don't feel too overwhelmed. xx

  22. Good luck with all of your goals. I really hope you get to achieve your post-covid ones! Your blog views are incredible by the way!

  23. I love that you have plenty of goals for different areas of your life.Hope you get to achieve all of your goals and that this year will bring you even more opportunities! x

  24. Good luck with all of your goals! Learning how to cook is such a good one, I found that when I actually tried to cook I really enjoyed it, and I hope it's the same for you too! Also totally get you on celebrating your birthday out of the house. Mine is at the end of the January, so I'm preparing myself to have a birthday not leaving the house xx

    Hannah |

  25. These are great goals, Lauren! Congratulations on being so close to the finish line with Uni! That's super exciting and I hope you get to go to your summer ball. One of my biggest goals is improving my blog SEO and DA score. xo

  26. Hey Lauren, you are doing very well even though you say that you have not been working on your SEO. You are an excellent example of how hobby bloggers can attract high monthly views even without optimizing for search engines. I love these goals, and I hope that you will get the graduation ceremony you want, and that we will all finally get to travel. All the best in the New Year, Lauren! :)

    Undergrad Blogger

  27. Good luck with all your goals! I really hope you get to reach your post-Covid goals, I think we're all looking forward to being able to celebrate birthdays outside of the house. One of my goals is to increase my DA as well x

    Aoife |

  28. Some great goals here. I liked the birthday one. Mine's next month and I'm determined to do something. Outside sounds good!

  29. You've got this my darling! Wishing you all the love and luck in your goals!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  30. Great post Lauren! I think these are all great goals, and I especially like the idea of investing more in SEO and raising your DA- that's my goal too! Thanks for sharing these thoughts- I hope you get chance to celebrate any special events this year x