Blogging Resources

This page contains resources I recommend that help with blogging, online branding and content creation. From ebooks to Instagram branding kits. 

Please note, this page contains affiliate links and I will mark these with an asterisk(*). This just means if you purchase any of these products from the link below, I will receive a small commission.


The ULTIMATE Yearly Blog Planner* - Jordanne Lee Creative (Use code LAUREN20 for 20% off).

As a blogger, it's important to plan all your content so you can keep on top of it. The best thing about this planner is that you can purchase it once but use it over and over again in years to come. There are also multiple designs. You can use this planner on your laptop or tablet, or you can print it.

Instagram Branding Pack* - Jordanne Lee Creative (Use code LAUREN20 for 20% off).

These Instagram branding packs will help you keep your Instagram consistent and if you are looking to work with brands on there, this will be important for you. The packs include 200 highlight covers, 140 story templates and 85 grid post templates. Jordanne also has just Instagram highlight covers that you can purchase by themselves, see her other products through this link.

The Google Analytics Cheatsheet Mini eBook for Beginner Bloggers* - Amber | The Unpredicted Page.

This cheatsheet is great because it only includes useful information. It also includes activities for you to complete to get you on your way to being more proficient with Google Analytics. Google Analytics is useful if you'd like to improve on your SEO.

The JAM PACKED Blog Planner and Journal* - Amber | The Unpredicted Page.

This is another great resource for planning out your blog content and deadlines. It also includes social media checklists and you can track your achievements and finances in this planner.

45 Pretty Pinterest Templates Starter Kit* - Amber | The Unpredicted Page.

All bloggers know that mastering Pinterest can bring so much more traffic to your blog. To do that, you need clickable templates and there are plenty to choose from in this starter kit.

2021 eBook and Calendar Kit Canva Template* - Studio Banksia.

This planner has so much in it, you will be able to plan everything so much easier with this. It includes habit trackers, finance trackers and so much more.

Social Media Bundle Canva Templates for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook & Instagram Stories* - Studio Banksia.

This product is great for ensuring your online branding is consistent across all of your social media channels. If your branding is consistent and professional, brands are more likely to want to work with you.

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