This post is just going to be a bit of a life update. At the beginning of this month I turned 20. If I'm honest, with my common sense I am shocked I've made it this far.

I'm going to use this time to talk about my mum's sausage rolls. A bit random I know, it's because I asked her to make sausage rolls for me instead of a cake as they are to die for! I won't even say how many I ate because it was just unholy. I don't know whether I should be proud or deeply ashamed of myself.

Brambles and pina colada cocktails at Be at One

The day before my birthday Joe and I stayed in a very nice hotel in Bath called Z Hotel as there was a very good deal on Booking.com. This hotel does complimentary cheese and wine from 5pm - 8pm in their lobby. Perfect. Obviously, I was all over that. Incidentally, they started playing Lana Del Rey when we were eating our cheese, it's like they knew it was my birthday.

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We then went to the Cosy Club in Bath for food and a cherry bake well cocktail, one of my favourites. After that, we went to Be At One and Turtle Bay for more cocktails. The next day, my actual birthday, we went shopping in Bath, which is one of my favourite places to shop. Then we drove back to Bournemouth, where we played minigolf at Mr Mulligans, then had our evening meal at Zizzi.

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If you head to my new blog Instagram page, @wooloftheking, you will be able to see more photos of the food and drinks I had over my birthday.

As if I hadn't had enough celebrations, I had invited all of my friends at uni for a night out. Before that, our pre drinks consisted of a pass the parcel with amazing prizes, made by Kitty. We also played pin the tail on the donkey, should have had some jelly and ice cream then it would have been a proper kids party. Following the pres, we went to the Lost Paradise in Bournemouth.