Collective Effervescence - a feeling of belonging and assimilation produced by collective ritual action (a term coined by Emile Durkheim).

This describes how I felt at Love On Tour when I was there because there were so many special moments that 70,000 people at Wembley Stadium were all experiencing together. Being in a room with that many people who are feeling joy at the same time over the same thing is really something magical.

We went to see Harry at Wembley on Night 2 (14th June) and were in the front standing section and the three of us who went collectively decided we weren't going to queue for ages and try to get to the front because it was 30 degrees and way too hot to be pressed up against other people. So, we were near the back of front standing, in the middle, and still managed to have an amazing view, while also having space to keep cool and dance.

We arrived just before the support act Wet Leg came on. I knew two of their songs and they were pretty good, but I was mainly interested in the main event - Harry.

I also have to mention the outfits because there were so many amazing ones and the majority of Harry fans came to SLAY. Props to them because it was too hot for me to wear my original outfit so I ended up wearing a top and shorts but there were still lots of cowboy hats, cowboy boots, feather boas, and leather trousers even in the 30-degree heat.

Harry came on at around 8:30pm and started off with Daydreaming (full setlist to follow). Because we were so close and had such a good view it was even more surreal.

To our excitement as One Direction fans back in the day, Harry played not one, but two One Direction songs - Stockholm Syndrome, and their debut, What Makes You Beautiful.

It was the most fun concert I've been to, there was a gender reveal (it's a girl!) many conga lines, and my personal highlight was the incredible firework display during Sign of the Times.

I feel like being standing meant that we were more part of the magic and I'm so glad we got front standing.

The Setlist

1. Daydreaming

2. Golden

3. Adore You

4. Keep Driving 

5. Stockholm Syndrome

6. She

7. Matilda

8. Love of my life (bonus song)

9. Satellite

10. Late Night Talking

11. Cinema

12. Music for a Sushi Restaurant

13. Treat People with Kindness

14. What Makes You Beautiful

15. Grapejuice

16. Watermelon Sugar

17. Fine Line

18. Sign of the Times

19. Kiwi

20. As It Was

Overall, it is one of the best concerts I have been to (if not the best) up there with Beyonce who I saw in the same month?! They were both so different but amazing. I understand why the tour is called Love On Tour because while I was there and after leaving my heart just felt so full.

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Harry was right when he said his shows are like group therapy. If £115 is the price I have to pay for a great view, an amazing show with a bit of therapy thrown in there then that is money well spent!

Who's the best person you've seen live?



Everybody say "hey Mrs Carter!"

I was lucky enough to secure tickets to Beyonce's Renaissance Tour in London at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and when I tell you I ugly cried ...

Our seats were actually in the very back row in our section. We were in section 525 which had a side view of the stage and row 29, which was the furthest row there was. Because we had a side view, it meant that we were closer to the stage than those who were straight on.

I quite enjoy getting seated tickets at concerts because you can turn up without queuing and I just find it all round more comfortable. Doors opened at 5pm but we knew that Beyonce wasn't going to start performing until after 7:30pm so we arrived at 6:45pm which gave us time for a toilet and drink break before finding our seats.

The Show

Beyonce came up onto the stage from below at around 7:50pm and I have to admit I may have shed a tear or two when she opened with Dangerously in Love.

The rest of her set list at night 4 of the London shows is later on in the article. There were many clips of other songs in the intermissions. 

The whole show lasted for about 2 hours and 45 minutes and Beyonce managed to fit so many iconic songs in that time, with amazing dancing and visuals.

I found myself being shook the whole time with the props and visuals on the stage for most of the show. There were robot arms on stage making a faux mirror around her while she was singing. I don't know how they worked but they were SERVING.

Similarly, she came out on a tank at one point and of course finished the show by flying out on a glittery disco horse. Why wouldn't you? It was so over the top in the best way.

When I talk about the Renaissance tour, I have to mention the outfits. There was an outfit change every 4-5 songs and they were all insane. She started off the show with some slower songs in a long black dress, then when she got to the more upbeat songs she changed her outfits to match, as did the dancers.

When My Power started playing, Beyonce's daughter Blue Ivy came out and danced with her and she was amazing! (I did let out another couple of tears at this point). I couldn't believe that Blue is only 11 she was so professional. 

Everything was just 10/10 and I was so so grateful to be able to see Beyonce live. It was the best concert I have been to and if anyone needs me I will just be watching all the videos I took over and over again.

The Setlist 

1. Dangerously in Love
2. Flaws and All
3. 1+1
4. I Care
5. River Deep Mountain High (Tina Turner)
8. ALIEN SUPERSTAR (remixed with Sweet Dreams)
9. Lift Off
10. 7/11
14. Formation
15. Diva
16. Run the World (Girls)
18. Alright (Kendrick Lamar)
20. Savage Remix
21. Partition
23. Get Me Bodied
24. Before I Let Go
25. Rather Die Young
26. Love on Top
27. Crazy in Love
28. Green Light
29. Virgo's Groove
30. MOVE
34. PURE/HONEY (with Blow in the mix)
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