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2020 has been such a weird year, but it hasn't all been bad for me. I am going to be reflecting on my year and hopefully reminding myself that there have been some positives of 2020. This year has taught me that even the smallest positives are worth mentioning and noticing. It's been the year I've gotten most into blogging and I hope to set some new goals and do some even bigger and better things with blogging in 2021.

My 2020 Roundup


Jack Whitehall stood up tour

January is normally a kind of nothingy month for me. It's just after Christmas and things go back to normal. One highlight of my January was that I went to see Jack Whitehall live. Remember when you could do that? He was really funny and it was a good start to the year. My dad also turned 50, he's not going to like me for mentioning that. We had a lovely meal for him at Piazza, the Italian in Amesbury.

I also went out clubbing in January in Bournemouth for my friend Jas's birthday. Again, who remembers clubbing?


Mamma Mia the musical in The Mayflower

In February, I did 2 days of Work Experience at a PR company in Cardiff and I had a little hotel stay in Cardiff for one. I really enjoyed my time there and hadn't been to Cardiff before. I'd love to go there again. 

I also went with Joe for some lovely afternoon tea in London for Valentine's Day and we went to the Sea Life Centre in Waterloo.

My favourite part of February was going to see Mamma Mia the musical at the Mayflower in Southampton with my mum and grandma. It was so good!


Amsterdam Canals

March was the month that everything changed and everyone in the UK started to realise that Covid-19 wasn't going anywhere. I went to visit Joe at the beginning of March and we had the best time. We went to Bubba Gump in Leicester Square and we went to London Zoo too. That was the last time I saw Joe until July.

Just before the lockdown in the UK, I flew to Amsterdam with my friends and it was such a weird experience. We had a great time, however, the day after we got there everything started to shut down and it got a little bit scary. Once we came home from Amsterdam, everything in the UK shut down.


Sausage Roll birthday cake

My 21st birthday was in April, in the week where we saw the first big spike of Coronavirus deaths. I had booked to go to Rome and had plans to go to Bristol too but these plans had to be cancelled. Regardless, I still had a really good 21st and was able to appreciate the small things. Read all about how I spent my 21st birthday in lockdown.

The rest of April just consisted of working from home and a lot of sangria over the bank holidays. I also started properly weekly blogging in April. Before that, I was never really committed but I haven't stopped weekly blogging since.


Lauren Kenny garden party

May must have been when mum, dad and I got really bored because I've gone through all my photos and we had a lot of themed nights in and we even gave Hollie a bath because she couldn't go to the groomers.

I was supposed to be at Bournemouth 7s festival in May so we had a festival garden party of our own at home. We also had beer pong nights, a VE Day party and made lots of Mars Bar rice crispy cakes: Recipe here.


21 birthday balloons

In June, Joe and I had our 2nd anniversary, we just had to celebrate it over facetime. Mum and dad had their 30th wedding anniversary in June too, and their friends sent them a cheese hamper which was the best part!

June was when you were allowed to go in people's gardens so my family friends threw me a 21st party in their garden because I couldn't have one before, socially distant of course.


Sculpture by the Lakes Dorset

In July, I attended my first ever blogging event and went for a PR visit to Sculpture by the Lakes. I had the best time and would love to go to more blogging events. I also went strawberry picking with mum in the beginning of July, I love doing that in summer.

July was when the first national lockdown ended so I was finally allowed to see Joe again and some of my family after 4 months! Mum and dad bought a hot tub too so that was a highlight of the summer. I also went out for my first meal in months and it was amazing. 



August seemed a lot more normal than any of the other months. I finished my year marketing internship in August and managed to go to Lincoln to visit one of my friends and had the best time. 

Celebrating being allowed to go out again, we went to a cheese and wine bar and went out for cocktails. I went to see Joe in London for the last time before we moved to Bournemouth. We went to Battersea park because we could walk there from his flat and didn't want to come into contact with too many people, and it was so nice! Ended up getting so many steps in too. 

Towards the end of August, I got to watch one of my best friends do a skydive for charity and it was safe to say that I was a lot more scared watching than she was doing it. 


Seafood platter in Hastings

I moved back to Bournemouth on the 1st of September and it was really weird being in student housing again after a whole year of being at home and working. Due to not being able to see any of my friends for my birthday, I went out with a few friends for cocktails at Be at One in Bournemouth. They gave me a voucher to spend for my birthday so we used it on cocktails there.

Joe moved back a little later than me so I went to visit him in Hastings before he moved back and we had the most amazing seafood platter.

I was lucky to get a couple of nights out and bottomless brunches in with my friends before Covid-19 started picking up the pace again. One night out was an ABBA night and I LOVE ABBA!


Pitbull fancy dress

This was probably the worst month for me because it started off with me actually catching Covid-19. I was quite ill with it and it really got me down but now I feel lucky to not have had it any worse than I did. I also lost my sense of taste and smell for 5 weeks which was quite tragic but I appreciate being able to taste now more than ever! 

I had to isolate by myself in my room so my housemates wouldn't catch it and luckily they didn't. I won't lie, it was a really lonely time but I got through it which is the main thing.

After I isolated and got rid of the virus, I was able to start seeing people again. I went to Bingo Lingo in Southampton for one of my friends' birthdays and started working with my housemate's clothing company, Seven Nights Clothing. You are now reading the blog post of the Creative Copywriter for Seven Nights.

For Halloween, my housemate Maddie and I dressed up as Pitbull - once again supplying you with top quality content. We also went out for a bottomless brunch with our friends and that was the last time we saw them before the second national lockdown.


Sole bay fish and chips

Before the second lockdown, Maddie and I went to Suffolk for a little break and we had such an amazing time. After that, November was quite nothingy because we were stuck in again. I did manage to get out and do some nice walks around Dorset. It's been nice to be able to get out by the sea.

In November, I also reached my highest amount of monthly views on my blog - 15,000 views! Check out this Google Analytics Cheatsheet mini E-book to help you keep on top of your analytics.


Christmas mug and tree

In December, I went home from uni for Christmas. My mum and dad moved to a new house in November so I have just been getting used to it at the moment. It's really nice and Christmassy at the moment and it's in the middle of the countryside, about a 15 minute drive from my old house.

There's a really cute farm shop nearby that I talked about in my Things to do in Wiltshire post and we have been getting brunch from there. I've also been watching lots of Christmas films, wrapping presents and preparing for Christmas.

How has your year been? I will be posting my new year goals next weekend!

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  1. It's great that despite the circumstance, you and Joe still celebrated your anniversary and birthday as special as you could! It sucks to know many people have died during your birth month. You've really coped with the help of your loved ones which is a luxury to most people. Thank you for posting this!

  2. I love this post! I'm thinking of doing one similar to this. I think your festival lockdown party was the first blog post of yours that I read - it's so crazy how time has flown by this year xx

    Caroline |

  3. Wow - it's so crazy to think that some of these things were this year! It looks like you managed to have a good year despite the circumstances. Hope 2021 is even better

    Tash - A Girl with a View

  4. Awh, what a lovely roundup! And it's so bizarre to read about you travelling to London and going to shows at the beginning of the year... It feels like another lifetime haha. Love the sound of the themed parties you had at home!

  5. I love this roundup! My family also tried a couple of themed cooking nights at the beginning of lockdown, but haven't done them in a few months now x

    Sophie |

  6. I loved this round up! I'm glad you were able to do some incredible things despite the pandemic and lockdowns xx

  7. I loved reading your round up of 2020 Lauren, it's been such a crazy year and hopefully 2021 will bring some normality back into our lives! It looks weird seeing crowds in those first couple of photos, it feels like a lifetime ago since we could all gather together! x

    Lucy |

  8. Loved reading this post - it's great that you were able to see your friends and have a couple of short breaks! Hopefully in 2021 we'll be able to travel and socialise more!

    Serena /

  9. I love this! Despite the year of craziness it certainly looks like you’ve made the most of it. I hope next year is better for us all x

  10. It's great that you managed to find fun things from every month to look back on! I basically have only walked my dog since March so the year after that is a bit of a blur, I'm glad you have plenty of highlights x


  11. So lovely that you've got some nice memories to look back on from this ridiculous year! I swear this year has gone by in such a blur. I've only really had 2 trips away this year! x

  12. Thanks for sharing your year in review, it has been a odd year of highs and lows, hope 2021 is better for everyone :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  13. I love the fact that despite the circumstances, it still looks like you had a lovely year ★ Hopefully things in 2021 will be better and btw I love your blog name!

    Yasupernova I

  14. Looks like, despite the circumstances, you still managed to do some really great things this year! x

  15. What a neat way to look at your year! A cheese hamper is exactly what I'd want for my anniversary too. :)

  16. Great round up. Love that you were still able to celebrate your birthday, and anniversary and do lots of fun things despite COVID. Sounds like you definitely made the most of the situation.

    Gemma, This Brits Life

  17. It's nice to know you still had a good year and I'm glad to know you recovered from COVID-19! Hopefully, next year will be a better year for all of us.


  18. Yes 2020 is quite an bumpy year. Hopefully 2021 is better!

    Thanks for sharing this blog.


  19. What a great round up. It’s so strange to think you were at shows and clubbing in January! It feels like a lifetime ago when we were able to do stuff like that. I’m so pleased you enjoyed your 21st, but it’s such a shame your trip and plans had to be cancelled. You’ll definitely have to have an extra party when all of this is over to make up for it x

  20. Love your 2020 roundup. 2020 was such a long yet quick year, such a mad yet not forgetful year. You'll definitely have to celebrate your 21st again this year (2020 didn't count for ages ahaha). Hopefully we are onto a bigger and more positive year. X

  21. A great roundup, it certainly looks like you made the most of opportunities to get out and about when you could.

    Loving those sausage rolls! :D