When I'm not living in Bournemouth for university, I live in Wiltshire, UK. I will always say that there is nothing to do in Wiltshire, so this list as well as for my readers, is for me, to remind me of what there is to do when I'm at home. If you live in Wiltshire or want to visit after the lockdown, then here are some ideas of what to do while you're there.

Things to do in Wiltshire

1. Caen Hill Locks

Caen Hill Locks is placed on the Kennet and Avon canal near Devizes. It's a really nice place to go for a walk or picnic. Wiltshire has a lot of countryside walks but this one is different because you get to see the canal and the boats on it.

Caen Hill Locks

2. Longleat

Longleat and Center Parcs are very well known in Wiltshire. Longleat is a safari where you can drive through or go on a bus and see the animals from your window. There is also a zoo and lots more things to do when you've finished driving around. Just try not to drive through the monkey enclosure, they can be pretty ruthless with your car. It's a great day out for families.

3. Cholderton Farm Shop.

I really love the farm shop in Cholderton. It's only a small shop but they serve great breakfast and lunch, you can sit outside too to appropriately social distance. My favourite thing to go for is the brie and bacon panini. They have chickens walking around outside as well which is a bit more exciting than your normal breakfast or lunch out. Proper countryside.

Cholderton Farm Shop

4. Rosebourne

I mentioned Rosebourne in my Top Places to Eat Out in and around Salisbury post. OK, this one is actually in Hampshire but not by much. I'd describe Rosebourne as a shop / restaurant / garden centre / farm shop. It has it all. I love going there for lunch and then wandering around the shop after and recently they've had their Christmas decorations out which definitely makes the shopping more exciting. A lot of their food in the shop is quite high end and some of it can be a little pricey but good for a treat.

5. Stonehenge

This is a pretty obvious one as Stonehenge is world famous. If you are visiting Wiltshire, Stonehenge is a must! You can visit Stonehenge through the visitor's centre and hear all about the World Heritage Site. Or, if you just want to see Stonehenge briefly, you can drive past on the A303. However, I would recommend walking so you don't potentially cause a car accident. You can walk up past Woodhenge in Amesbury and you will be able to see it from a little further away.


Have you ever been to Wiltshire?

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  1. I've never been to Wiltshire but it's not even that far away from me when I'm at uni so I need to visit. I'm the say about thinking there's nothing where I live but if I actually think about it, there's plenty to do, haha!

    Tash // A Girl with a View

  2. I've never been to Wiltshire before! These sound like some fab things to do and will definitely give them a go if I ever visit x


  3. I have never been to this part of the UK, but it sounds like there are some great places to visit...I mean Stonehenge! I bet the safari park/zoo is a great visit too!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Aimsy xoxo

  4. I think I've stayed at Center Parcs in Wiltshire years ago but I haven't been to any of the other places you've mentioned! I'd love to visit Wiltshire again and see Stonehenge!

    Serena / http://www.ramblingsofanotherunigraduate.com

  5. I've been to Wiltshire a few times. You've mentioned some lovely ideas. I always enjoy a walk to the Westbury White Horse.

  6. I would love to visit more of the English countryside and these are great suggestions to visit. I went to Stonehenge when I was in the UK and we ended up spending the afternoon in Bath which was really lovely x


  7. I would love to visit Stonehenge! Hopefully I'll get to do that next year, also I'd love to visit Longleat! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  8. Wow I love Safari ideas and little farm, even the Stonedge is here.
    Sounds awesome..

  9. Wow these are gorgeous images, and I think they sound like lovely places to visit once things start to open up a little more :)

  10. I've been to England several time (from the USA) and never managed to see THE Stonehenge. I've seen several others and man are some of them big, but never this one. It's on my bucket list for one day.

  11. I've never been to Wiltshire before but I'd love to visit Stonehenge! :)


  12. The pictures are gorgeous and I'm sure the place is beautiful too. 😍

  13. I would love to visit someday!

  14. Thanks for sharing, these are great places to visit I have been lots of times to Stonehenge :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  15. Seems a nice place to spend half day :)

  16. This looks absolutely beautiful! Next time I’m in England I’ll have a look around, especially for Stonehenge.

  17. I would love to visit this place the next time I visit England. Thanks for sharing with us.

  18. I love Wiltshire! I've only been once but I'd love to visit again sometime, and see Stonehenge which I missed out on last time. Longleat was really fun, but yeah the monkeys can be a lil' cheeky :P

    Sophie | www.loveandliterature.co.uk

  19. Great post! Now I'm tempted to do a staycation...