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I feel like every blogger has written a blog post ideas post but I haven't yet, so I thought I may as well share some ideas from me. I always love reading these posts when I'm stuck for ideas so I hope this can help you out. Hopefully, this post will help me too when I'm stuck for ideas. I can just look back on this post and hopefully, it will spark some inspiration for me too!

In this post, I have tried to include quite a few niches so I can help as many of you as possible. Some of these niches I don't write a lot about myself, for example, I never really write about fashion - but I love reading blog posts about it anyway and have just gone off the sort of things I think would be interesting to read about.

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Blog post ideas for every niche


1. Winter essentials

2. My top coat picks

3. Paris in outfits (or any travel destination you may visit)

4. Must-have accessories this season

5. How to style your favourite fashion item

6. Top pics from SS2021 (or any other season)

7. Recreating iconic celebrity outfits (I have seen a lot of TikToks where people recreate outfits of people like Kendall Jenner and Princess Diana and they always look so good)

8. Go-to hairstyles 

9. My favourite items from Zara (or a shop you like to buy a lot of items from)

10. Staple items everyone needs


Beach huts on Hastings pier

11. Travelling on a budget

12. Top things to do in London (or a city of your choosing)

13. Travel bucket list - here's my travel bucket list.

14. Top luxury travel destinations

15. Top staycation destinations

16. What's in my travel bag

17. How to keep entertained on long-haul flights

18. Most Instagrammable spots in Copenhagen (or a destination of your choosing)

19. Best places to visit in your city

20. How to keep the travel bug alive when you can't travel

21. Top historic destinations you need to visit


Juvia's Place eyeshadow palette

22. My favourite beauty products of all time

23. Recreating iconic celebrity looks

24. Reviews of new products

25. Top 10 eyeshadow palettes

26. How to get the summer glow

27. Trying out beauty trends

28. My day-time skincare routine

29. My night time skin care routine

30. Products that aren't worth the hype


31. Night in ideas

32. My favourite ways to practice self-care

33. Law of attraction and manifestation posts

34. Inspirational quotes you should live by

35. Date night ideas

36. How you can support small businesses 

37. 21 things I have learnt in 21 years (replace this with your age)

38. Goals and hopes for the future

39 Sharing my favourite playlists for every occasion

40. Smalls steps you can make for more sustainable living

41. A day in the life of Lauren

42. Advice I'd give to my younger self

43. Gift guides

44. Q&A with your followers

Food & Drink

Pizza in Sorrento

45. Cocktail recipes - here are 5 cocktail recipes from me

46. Recipes for your favourite meals

47. Fakeaway recipes

48. Favourite restaurants in your city

49. My go-to brownie recipe (this can be replaced with any sweet treats that you like to bake)

50. Your favourite pasta in under 500 calories (be careful with this, it can be triggering to those with or recovering from eating disorders to count calories. However, it is great to find healthy versions of your favourite versions of not so healthy meals)

51. Vegan breakfast recipes you need to try

52. The best vegetarian/vegan meat substitutes

Mental Health

53. Mindfulness activities

54. Stress-reducing activities

55. How you have dealt with trauma

56. Toxic positivity - what is it and how it can affect people?

57. How you deal with anxiety or depression

58. Overcoming obstacles that have affected your mental health

59. Things I'm grateful for

60. Reducing the stigma surrounding mental health


61. 100 blog post ideas for every niche (just like this one)

62. What I wish I knew before starting a blog

63. Top bloggers to follow in 2021

64. How I've grown my social media channels

65. 100 hashtags to use on Instagram

66. Best ways to plan your time as a blogger (Check out The ULTIMATE Yearly Blogging Planner to help you plan your time).

67. Resources all bloggers need to try

68. Best apps to have as a blogger

69. SEO help posts (we all need these)

70. The best Wordpress or Blogger themes

71. How to grow your blog followers

72. How to grow your mailing list

73. How to monetise your blog in 2021

Entertainment (book film, netflix, music etc)

Catfish and the Bottlemen concert

74. Top films to watch on Netflix

75. Top series to watch on Netflix

76. Book reviews

77. TV series reviews

78. Film reviews

79. What to watch on Disney+

80. Your favourite musical and why

81. Review of a musical

82. Review of your latest concert 

83. Album reviews from your favourite artists


Quote from Amanthis Diary

84. Productivity tips

85. Things you should know before starting university

86. Things you should know before moving away from home 

87. My study playlist

88. Revision tips

89. Managing studying with part-time work

90. Easy ways to enhance your CV

91. Reasons why you should do a placement year or study abroad (you can replace this with anything you think would be beneficial - it could be joining a club or society at university)

92. Saving money as a student

93. Benefits of learning a new language

94. Balancing university with a part-time job

95. Easiest ways to make money while studying

Opinion Pieces

96. Opinion on current issues such as fast fashion

97. Why I prefer having a small circle of friends

98. My opinion on blogging in 2021

99. Why I don't like the ... trend (any trends you don't like or do and why)

100. Challenging the stigma on a certain topic

I hope this post has helped spark some ideas for you if you were stuck, or even just to add to your already large list of ideas. Please tag me or let me know if you use any of these ideas, I'd love to read your posts.

Do you have any blog post ideas that I've missed? 

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  1. These are brilliant. I always feel so inspired after reading posts like this. I am literally scribbling down ideas as I read!

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