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Hi everyone! I’m Alisha a travel and lifestyle blogger over at Inside The Voyage. I graduated with a BA Hons degree in English and Media in 2019, and have since been discovering myself and my passions.

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What Now?

I am positive that every University student fears unemployment after graduation. Who wouldn’t? I most certainly did, and to an extent, nearly two years later I still do.  I graduated in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Media. Though I celebrated the end of my degree with overflowing prosecco glasses and listening to the constant ‘Well done, you did it!’ felicitations from family, and friends. I could not help but hear that deep-rooted fear within my gut that consistently questioned ‘What now?’.


I did not know what I wanted in a career, never mind actually apply for a job. So, rather than rack my head around career topics, I decided to take time away from educational studies and future career prospects. I needed to gain clarity for my future. I believed I was only causing myself anxiety, forcing myself to follow fellow graduates into new exciting careers. I hadn’t found my calling yet, and though it sickeningly worried me, I comfortably settled into the unknown.


I then decided to travel, I love the world and want to see as much of it as possible. I booked onto a two-month tour around South East Asia, though my mum was worried out of her mind due to my travelling solo, I was ecstatic. I finally had one goal set to reach that I needed money. Soon after moving back home, I landed a part-time job in a local bar and began working as many shifts as possible to save for my next adventure. A career was not even a thought in my mind, because in the present I had much more exciting plans. I finally believed that I had structured my life into forming a pathway that I should be on.


April 2020: Travel around South East Asia

September 2020: Start an MA Course (at this point, I was still undecided on what I wanted to do)

Being a Graduate in the pandemic

Unfortunately, this devastating pandemic hit and my plans, like many others, were indefinitely put on hold. I was now back at square one. Not sure where my life was going, or even what I wanted to do. Luckily, I managed to run from the graduate blues, hiding behind my excitement to travel. However, forced into a lockdown that feared question soon arose, ‘What now?’.


I now had all the time in the world to figure out what I wanted out of life. And my gosh, I experimented with plenty of things during 2020. I first started a “marketing” job, and what a mistake that was. It was not what was advertised, but I earned next to nothing, and quit on the first day.


Next, I started an MLM scheme, purely out of boredom at this point. That lasted a week or so before I put time into researching what an MLM scheme actually was and realised, again, I was barely making any money. Don’t get me wrong, some people do earn a lot working for an MLM scheme, but I found it a pretty exhausting way to make money.

Starting my own business

My next adventure and my most favoured was starting my small wax melt business Inside The Fragrance. Starting this venture has kept occupied and busy when I felt lost and demotivated. This is one hundred per cent a small side business for me, and in no means is it my future career, but it is absolutely perfect for the time being.


Now, like many others, I’m currently on furlough from my bar job. Thus, this free time has allowed me to focus on my side business and my future career. I have spent months looking at various job prospects and MA courses. Ultimately, this slightly freaked me out as I wondered virtually from one course to another, desperately seeking somewhere I could call home.


Finally, after nearly two years since my graduation, I gained some clarity on the path I am about to embark on. From one graduate to another, please don’t stress if you graduate University without a job. It is, and I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH; it is not the end of the world. If you’re like me, it will merely take you slightly longer to reach realisation, but once you get there, you will feel like you’re on the path you’re meant to be on.


My advice to you:


1.     Don’t panic apply for jobs. When we’re panicking, we often make rash decisions and uninformed decisions.

2.     Figure out what you enjoy, identify your skills, and discover the right career path for you.

3.      Don’t be discouraged if your job application is rejected. That one job was not meant for you, and there are always more opportunities.

4.   Use your free time to build on your CV. Attend online classes to enhance or learn to skills.

5.      Find your passion! It might be easier said than done, but once you realise your passions, you will feel much more confident in applying to that MA course OR job.


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  1. Really helpful and interesting guest post. I know someone who is currently in the 'What now?' phase and know it must be hard. Thanks for sharing x

    Sophie | https://www.loveandliterature.co.uk

  2. This is a great post for anyone who is about to graduate in uni, so helpful! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  3. This is a really interesting article, and definitely highlights some of the fears I have for when I graduate. Thanks for sharing your tips too; I especially agree with not panic applying for jobs. Although you might get an interview etc, without thorough research you may end up taking on a job that you absolutely hate and could have prevented!

    Paige // Paige Eades

  4. Definitely needed to read this! I've been panicking about what to do after graduating as everything is so uncertain and I don't know what to do with my life!

    Tash - A Girl with a View

  5. These are great ideas! I'm only a first year but I don't have a clue what I'll do after uni...

    Caroline | https://envirolineblog.com/

  6. Thanks for sharing, I have found it getting s graduate job hard to, I just feel really clueless on what to do now to get a job, these tips will really help :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  7. Not panic applying for your first job is SO important! That job will build the foundation of hopefully a successful career!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  8. I love that you said don't panic apply to jobs. I have totally done that in the past and ended up hating my job. It's not worth it at all. Take your time and find the right fit.

  9. This post is so important, thank you for sharing your story! everyone has a different journey when it comes to finding the job for them x

  10. Thanks for the great article!

    Find your passion is the key! I normally go with the flow and not give too much pressure to things.

    Laura @myreallifetips


  11. This was so helpful & comforting to read. I just graduated uni in December 2020 with my BA in English + Business Administration, only to have the pandemic waiting on me on the other side. I had this perfect plan in my head leading up to graduation that I would automatically get a job in a publishing company & be on my way to becoming an editor, but after I graduated I just wasn't feeling it anymore (at least for right now). I've been applying for jobs + hearing very little back, but I'm trying to keep a positive attitude. But this time has helped me to realize that I don't want to go directly into my dream-job yet! I also want to travel + explore. So I've actually made plans to move to South Korea to teach English in 2022 + started the travel blog I've always wanted. <3

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Xx


  12. I so needed to read this! Like Alisha I graduated in 2019 and have yet to find a permanent, full-time role. Since graduating I've tried internships, freelance work, courses and working in events; and, although I haven't found a full-time role yet, I definitely have more of an understanding of what role I DO want. It's taken me a while to realise that I don't need to be putting so much pressure on myself - especially in the middle of a pandemic! Great post :) x