At the moment, with everything going on, it can sometimes be hard to think positively. This week, I am sharing with you ways that I have been trying to stay positive. Like everyone, I definitely get down days but I do think it is important to use this time to work on yourself and your mental health.

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Focusing on what you can do
For me, it is thinking about the things I can't do that lowers my mood. It's better to think about the things that you can do. For example, I can write more blog posts as I have more free time and I can watch everything in my watchlist

Surrounding yourself with your favourite things
This is similar to focusing on what you can do. If you are feeling down then try and surround yourself with all of your favourite things you have around you. Try listening to your favourite artists or watching your favourite feel good movies. I have been watching a lot of Disney films lately to try and keep myself feeling happy. See my recommendations of What to Watch on Netflix and Disney+.

Knowledge is power
If the Coronavirus itself makes you feel anxious, you need to decide whether you need to know more about it to make you feel better or whether you need a detox from all things corona. Although it is important to be clued up on it so you know how it can be caught and spread, some of us don't want it to be the only thing we hear about each day. If you would like to learn more about the virus, I would recommend watching Coronavirus Explained on Netflix, it explains everything you need to know. However, make sure you don't become hyper focused on the virus. All you need to know is how to prevent it and that there will be an end to it.

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It's temporary
There has been a decrease in cases in lots of countries across the globe and scientists are already looking at vaccines for the virus.

Try to keep active
If you live in the UK and can get out, then make sure you make use of your daily walks. It will make you feel slightly more free. Try and do exercise in your house too if you can. I have been doing Joe Wicks PE to try and stay active. It definitely lifts my mood.

Stay in touch
It is so easy to feel alone or isolated at this time, so make sure you catch up with family and friends! I have been facetiming family and friends to keep being sociable. Lots of people have been doing quizzes over facetime or zoom and I can confirm I have had lots of fun while doing these.

Think of things you are proud of
Now, try and think of things you or proud of or things you have achieved in lockdown that you didn't know you would achieve.

My list:
  • Creating more blog posts on a regular basis and reaching blog/social media goals
  • Engaging with more bloggers and finding more blog posts to read
  • Finishing a paint by numbers
  • Creating a new CV
  • Achieving my Google Analytics for Beginners Certificate
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  1. Staying in touch is important to me; a couple of my friends and I chat regularly, and I try to call my aunts and friends weekly, so we can catch up on the cleaning and gardening we have accomplished. :)

    1. That’s good you are doing well! Definitely makes you feel less isolated :)

  2. This is a lovely list and I'm trying to do most of these! While I'm not being as productive as I once was, I'm still trying to remain positive by doing a few of the things I love :-)

    1. Sounds like you are doing well! It’s also important to remember that it’s ok not to be productive. We should celebrate our achievements a lot more because we are living through a pandemic :)

  3. Staying active is a great way to keep positive at the moment! I've been making the most of our daily exercise allowance and going on walks around my local area x

    1. Yes definitely! Me too and been doing some Joe Wicks PE x

  4. Great list! I've been focusing on the things that I can do now. I usually write about travel. But, since I can't do that right now, I've added new categories on my blog. I've been listening to my fave music and watching feel-good movies too.

    Fritzie |

    1. Thank you! Great that you are thinking of some new ways to be creative too :)

  5. Keeping active has been important for me. It's great mentally and gives that little element of normality to my routine even if I can't get to the gym. Personally, I'm avoiding updates as much as I can. I found watching the news and seeing the figures very negative for me at the beginning and it made me unnecessarily anxious so I decided to switch off and only tune in for important updates. But we all cope differently so if educating yourself helps then that's great x


    1. Yes definitely! So much of the news is negative at the moment so it’s just unwanted negativity

  6. Great tips! This will help so many people. Thank you for the ideas x

  7. I love that you're keeping positive during the lockdown. It can be hard to learn something new, but if you pull it off, it is great!! Pretty cool that there is even a documentary on Netflix that sums up COVID. Oooh I am about keeping active. Thanks for sharing all of these activities!

    Nancy ♥

  8. This is such a positive post! I deffo agree that it is important to remember the things that you have achieved!

  9. Great list! I definitely agree that it can help to learn more about the situation. I listen to a few news podcasts and check the news stories. But, like you said, if you do it too much it can become overwhelming.

  10. This is so great! I know it is hard to stay positive right now but we need to. This post is honestly so helpful. I try to stay more active and ohh, you just reminded me of updating my CV. I planned to do that but forgot hehe. And yes, posting more blog posts is something I am trying to do now as well. :)
    Thank you!

  11. Great tip! I've been staying pretty positive throughout the lockdown to be honest and having more time to spend doing things I enjoy has really helped.

    Lauren |

  12. You are spot with your analysis and I feel it is much better to keep doing something during this lockdown, that's how things are going to become better for you!

  13. I love the tips! They are very useful.

  14. Thanks for sharing :) Great tips, a lot tof these have been keeping me going during this time :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  15. This is such a lovely blog post, its so important to stay positive at the moment!