Like many other countries across the world, the UK has gone into lockdown due to the coronavirus and we have been told we shouldn't go out unless completely necessary.

Whilst staying indoors, I have been keeping track of all the things I have been up to beside working from home, so I can share it with you.

Paint splash with caption from wool of the king

Disney+ and Netflix

A couple of weeks ago, Disney+ came out in the UK, so I decided to pre-order it so that I could watch it in isolation. I have to say, I have not been disappointed! I must have watched something from Disney+ every day since having it, as well as watching Netflix as usual.

Paint by numbers

Giraffe paint by numbers painting

Knowing I wouldn't be able to go anywhere for a while, I ordered myself a paint by numbers kit on Amazon. I have been working on this for a few weeks now and I have found it very therapeutic.

Home work outs

I have also being doing some exercise at home with my friends on facetime. I did try a yoga with Adriene video but I am completely useless at yoga. I am pleased I tried though.

What else?

In addition to keeping myself occupied, I am also trying to tick things off of my ongoing self admin to-do list. I got my Google Analytics for Beginners certificate. I have also been clearing out some make-up and have cleaned my make-up brushes which was long overdue.

Girl doing yoga with Adrienne

There is a lot more I hope to complete before lockdown is over. I would like to write more blog posts for you and would also like to update my CV with all of my new internship information.

How do I stay positive?

In times like these, it can be hard to stay positive. The way I try and look at it is, every day is a day closer to being back to normal. There will be an end to this and even though it is hard to plan things at the moment, when this is all over you will be more grateful for everything that you do.

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  1. This sounds like you’ve been doing really well to stay busy and motivated! Stay safe lovely xxx

    1. Yes definitely makes the time go quicker! You too xxx

  2. It sure is an odd time. I am working from home so not found too much time for much else.

    We are renovating the house though so fit a fair bit of that in and lots of exercising from home.

    Take care x

    1. Wow you must be keeping yourself very busy then!

  3. I have also tried Yoga with Adriene but just like you, I couldn’t continue. It seems you have been really productive tho, that’s awesome πŸ’œ. Stay safe

    1. Haha yes I think yoga takes a lot of practice that I don’t have the patience forπŸ’œ

  4. It is great that you have been keeping yourself busy. Working out is so important! We don't want to lose that aspect. Love your painting too! I've seen paint by the numbers and it's super cool :). Keep it up!! We'll be done with the pandemic hopefully soon!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. Thank you! Yes exercising has definitely been making me feel better lately :)

  5. Disney+ has been a real life saver! That paint by numbers is beautiful!

    Lauren | https://www.laurenyloves.co.uk/

    1. Thank you! Yes omg too many good things on Disney+!

  6. I've just ordered myself a paint by numbers kit after reading this, thanks for the idea!!

    Roni ♥

  7. Paint by numbers sounds like such a fun activity for lockdown! I've been thinking about whether to take up painting again myself :) x


  8. I've been doing paint by numbers as well! Yours looks so good I am nowhere near finished aha. I have loved doing it though its such a fun activity.

    Amber - https://theunpredictedpage.com/

    1. Aw thank you! It is so fun to do I might get another one.