Let me start off by telling you what a comfort series is and why I'm writing about it. A comfort series is a series that you watch over and over again because it brings you what? Comfort. You can have comfort films too, my comfort films seem to be Disney films a lot of the time because I watch them a lot to make me feel happy.

Why do we watch comfort series' over and over?

Television in living room with bojack horseman

Watching a series over and over usually brings us comfort because it brings an element of predictability to our lives, especially at times that are unpredictable in our lives. For example, when the pandemic first hit, I took comfort in watching old series that I love because it brought stability in a time when I didn't know what was going to happen. Not to mention the lack of Covid in the series distracted me from the Covid in real life.

We can always rely on our favourite TV shows to bring us comfort, laughs, and even cries when we need them most.

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There are probably a lot of psychological reasons why we find comfort in watching TV shows over and over but for me, I just feel like I can't beat my favourites.

I am ALWAYS trying to find new TV shows that compare (I don't always watch old ones), and it is very rare that I find any that make me feel the way my favourites do.

My top 10 comfort series

1. Gossip Girl

2. Pretty Little Liars

3. Desperate Housewives

4. 9-1-1

5. Glee

6. Waterloo Road

7. Peep Show

8. Blue Planet (or pretty much anything David Attenborough)

9. Hannah Montana (yes I am 23 but this one is for my inner child)

10. RuPaul's Drag Race

If you are judging me, I know at least one of your comfort series is probably on this list too!!
What are your top comfort shows?


  1. I love Pretty Little Liars. I never got to watch Desperate Housewives, maybe I'll check it out next. I love Suits, watching it again actually. And I have watched TVD thrice 😀

  2. I watched one episode of 9-1-1 and loved that series! I can barely remember Hannah Monata, I should rewatch it, I was young when I watched it. My comfort series is Prison Break and Chicago Med.

  3. I have rewatched Gossip Girl more times than I can count - and I was a massive Gleek (still am)! I love that those two wound up on your list. Gilmore Girls, Schitt's Creek, and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel are my top comfort shows :)

  4. Having comfort tv shows is so great; I love that there are things we can turn to that make us feel good. Mine include: The Office, Superstore, Friends, Schitt's Creek and Modern Family!

  5. I could watch reruns of How I met your mother and Big Bang Theory the whole day long :)

  6. Now I want to go back and watch Glee again.

  7. Sometimes watching an old series can be so relaxing! I usually watch Friends when I need a comfort show to watch! x

    Lucy Mary

  8. I love comfort shows! Desperate Housewives is definitely one of mine. One Tree Hill is probably my favourite comfort show.

  9. Ooh love the idea of this post. I'm terrible for watching the same series over and over again. I've just rewatched Vikings again. It's one of my faves.

  10. I loved Glee, but haven't ever rewatched. I suppose the only tv series I've rewatched has been Friends.

  11. Some of these I haven't heard of, but I have to say we have plenty of the same taste in series. Your last comment about "if you're judging me, then we probably have the same taste in series" made me laugh because you're probably right. I don't typically watch series over again. However, I have watched Vampire Diaries over just for the rights to watch Ian.