Does anyone actually read blogs anymore? Well, you are reading this right now, so the answer must be yes but the truth is, it can be difficult to get people to read your blog.

I have heard a lot of people saying that nobody reads blogs anymore, even Amira from Gogglebox said it in an episode not too long ago.

My opinion on blogging is still a big thing is mixed. However, I do love writing my blog posts so either way, I am going to keep writing them.

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The rise of video content

For me, it feels like a lot of people get their entertainment on social media through watching videos on TikTok and Instagram reels at the moment rather than reading through a whole blog post.

I really like making video content as well as writing my blogs, so I have been doing both to stay relevant online and to just make things that I enjoy making. 

If you are a blogger who struggles with reader numbers but want to make a big impression online, I do think video content like this can reach a lot of new people organically.

I feel like with blogging, you have to put a LOT of effort into making it SEO friendly so that people can find your blogs through searching on Google. Also, a lot of my readership comes from sharing my blog posts on social media anyway.

Advantages of blogging

There are a lot of bloggers out there that are really successful at the moment and I think a lot of people don't realise the success you can make for yourself blogging.

Some bloggers I follow, have left full-time jobs to pursue blogging, and they can make thousands a month by doing freelance blog work. Paid opportunities include paid blog posts, affiliate marketing (which is adding links to your blog and getting a commission whenever anyone purchases something through your link), creating digital products to sell, and many more.

Although people may come to the conclusion that people don't read blogs anymore, the ways to make money online are definitely on the rise, so for this reason I would say blogging is still very much a thing.

Don't give up

If you are an avid blogger and love doing it - don't give up! I have to admit, since the world has started opening up more since Covid, I have been getting a lot fewer reads on my blog. I am not taking this as a negative though because I would much rather everyone be able to go out and do stuff than being stuck in reading my blog!

This also makes me more appreciative of the readership I have now, and even though the reads on my blog posts have declined a little, I am still getting exciting opportunities and growing my social media following.

My advice would definitely be to stay current and keep up to date with new platforms that come your way, but if you really enjoy doing something, there is no need to stop just because there are new things coming.

What are your thoughts on blogging in 2022?


  1. Blogging is not easy and we need to stick to it. Sometimes it goes up and sometime down but eventually will be worth it. This is inspirational post

  2. I've considered doing some video content as of late but I'm just not that person. I'm not great on camera and I'm not consistent enough.

  3. Just yesterday I was talking to my husband about not blogging anymore (it was more to do with a mini slump in motivation than anything else). I've been doing it a long time and will keep going but sometimes it really does suck, haha! Thanks for this post; it was really helpful.

  4. People definitely still read blogs but the rise in video content isn't something we can ignore. I think there's always going to be a place for blogs!

  5. This is really interesting! I definitely think that blogging is something you just need to keep at, I honestly believe the more you put into it the more you get out. I don't think I'll be starting video content anytime soon but Youtube is an eventual goal of mine! Thank you so much for sharing x

  6. I love how precise this post is. You shot at the right spots and I enjoyed reading this! Thanks for sharing.

  7. There is such a huge rise in video content, but I still love reading blogs and I still love writing for my blog! I know what you mean though, the decrease in people writing or reading blogs is noticeable x

    Lucy Mary

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  9. I keep hearing about how blogging is dead, but I disagree. Even with the rise of video content, people are still reading blogs and I do agree with not giving up especially if you love blogging!

  10. I think lots of people still read blogs, but you're absolutely right about the rise in video. I enjoy filming and watching video content, but personally much prefer reading blogs.

  11. Thanks for sharing, blogging has become harder with the rise of videos and instragram, as everybody sees video's instead of reading content, which has been not always been good, hopefully written content will be read by other bloggers :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures