I love making A-Z lists of things but it can be quite hard when you get towards the end of the alphabet. Full disclosure: I do not have anything for the letter X.

A while ago for Valentine's Day, I wrote an A-Z list of date ideas and because I love films, I thought I could create a list for that too. Some letters of the alphabet have lots of really good films starting with that letter, so for some, it was really hard to narrow it down. For others, there were only a few that I'd seen beginning with that letter. For example, I'm pretty sure I have only seen about three films beginning with the letter V, but S had loads I wanted to share.

The films in the following list are all films I have seen, enjoyed, and would recommend to you. If you need watchlist inspo, then look no further. There is a range of genres, some new, some old.

Netflix on tv with remote

A-Z list of movies you need to watch

A - American Psycho

B - Back to the Future

C - Clueless

D - Do the Right Thing

E - Everybody's Talking About Jamie

F - Forrest Gump

G - Get Out

H - The Help

I - In the Heights

J - Joker

K - Knives Out

L - Legally Blonde

M - Mamma Mia

N - The Notebook

O - Only Yesterday

P - Prisoners 

Q - Queen of Katwe

R - Ratatouille

S - Schindler's List

T - Titanic

U - Us

V - The Vow (There are probably better films beginning with V but I have not seen very many beginning with V)

W - Wizard of Oz

Y - Yes Man

Z - Zootropolis (the only film I have seen beginning with Z but still cute).

There we have it, this list was so much fun to make so let me know if you enjoyed it and I can make more. There are so many films I would recommend and if you love films like me then follow me on Letterboxd here.

Letterboxd is an app where you can log each and every film you have ever watched. It's basically a social media channel where you can rate and review films and see what you're friends have been watching.

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How many of these have you seen?


  1. Oh, yes! There are so many great movies you've listed here that I have to finally get around to watching (I think I've only watched 10 so far). Thanks for this!

  2. Great choices! I can never stop adoring Kate and Leo in Titanic.

  3. Letterboxd sounds like such a cool app! So glad you put Mamma Mia, it's definitely one of my favourites x

    Caroline | http://flourishwithrose.com/

  4. Some great movies to watch, I love Mamma Mia and Titanic (even though it's sad at the end!) x

    Lucy Mary

  5. Great list! I really wanna watch Titanic again soon. My boyfriend and I have recently watched all the Back To the Future's again after seeing the stage show!

  6. I have to admit I have never seen Back to the Future! My partner and I were trying to think of some movies to watch this weekend so this is perfect!

    Sarah | www.aspoonfulofvanilla.co.uk

  7. Love this, I never know what to watch on Netflix because there's always so much to choose from! Definitely will be coming back to this list :-)

    Courtney x

  8. I've been hankering to watch Titanic for weeks - I might have to do it tonight. I'm bookmarking this post for when I need some inspo