You might be thinking, what is a media kit and why I need one? Well, I'm here to answer these questions and give you some advice on creating one, and what to include.

What is a Media Kit?

A media kit is a document that bloggers, content creators and influencers use to show information about their platform. It's usually shared to brands so they can learn more about the creators they are working with.

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If you want to work with brands, it's important to have a media kit that you can keep up to date with your stats. This way if you are emailing a brand to work with them, you don't need to send a long email about the views you receive on your blog or the engagement you get on your social posts. You can keep all this information in your media kit and attach it, such a time saver.

I used Canva to create my media kit and made sure the branding aligned with the colours I have used across my blog and social media channels to keep it all consistent. Mine is also only 3 pages because I feel like for now, that is all that's needed but yours may be more or less depending on how much information you want to put in. I would try to keep it to around 2-5 pages though, to try and be concise.

What to include

Here is a checklist of things you can include, you may wish to include more if you need to.

  1. A short bio about what your platform/blog is about.
  2. A photo of yourself.
  3. Who your main target audience is.
  4. Your blog and social media platfroms and stats - I just included followers on my socials, my blog views and blog domain authority, but you may wish to include social engagement rates too. Make sure these are up to date before you send it to brands.
  5. Brands you have worked with in the past. This is optional, if you are new to this you won't be able to add this just yet but it's just a good way to show your experience if you have it.

How to use it

The purpose of a media kit is to summarise your platform and also to pitch your brand to the person or brand you'd like to work with.

If someone asks to work with you, you can show them your media kit so they can learn more about you. Alternatively, you can email brands with your media kit and pitch to them. Pitching to work with brands is a completely separate thing, that I feel like I can't write a blog post on yet, just because I don't do it too often so I wouldn't be giving expert advice. Maybe this is one for the future when I start pitching more. 

What I will say is, it's definitely worth putting yourself out there to brands or even local venues that you'd like to work with. It has paid off for me quite a few times now.

Do you have a media kit?


  1. I created my media kit a few months ago, but I've been a bit scared to pitch myself to any brands! I definitely plan on it soon x

    Caroline |

  2. This has just reminded me that I need to update my media kit. I don't think I have ever been brave enough to send mine out, but this maybe the sign to do it!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  3. A media kit is so important and these are some great tips on how to get started!!

  4. I feel like I should make myself a media kit, it doesn't seem too hard especially using Canva.
    Cora |

  5. Thanks this will be very useful for us thanks for sharing. Its certainly something we need to get round to doing

  6. I appreciate your post, especially as a beginner to the blogging world. I’ll definitely make one soon 🤍
    Mufidah |

  7. this has been so helpful because i really need to make a mediakit but keep putting it off! thank you for sharing your tips

    jessica |

  8. A media kit is such an important step and so useful when approaching brands! I think sometimes it can be daunting, but Canva has plenty of templates to use x

  9. Great post. A media kit is a MUST HAVE in my opinion. It is your business card and your opportunity to show off all in one! Love your tips and easy to follow steps!

  10. This is very helpful and actually something I've been meaning to do!

  11. I recently made a media kit and plan to redo it. Thanks for the tips.

  12. I 10000% recommend making a media kit to everyone - even if they *feel* like their stats are a little low, it's a great resource to have to show off your skills etc. I re-did mine at the beginning of the year - it was SO needed. And I've found it SO helpful to include as an attachment to brand pitches!

  13. This is new to me. Where do you keep a media kit? On your blog itself?

  14. Thanks for this post- it has reminded me to update my media kit ASAP! Media kits are so important when pitching to brands. I agree that canva is a great tool to use for this as you can be so creative with it.

    Eve x

  15. I've actually not really ever used my media kit but I think there are certainly some perks to using them! Thanks for sharing this post x

  16. I've read about media kits before, but as yet I still haven't done one. I really need to start one, as if I want to work with brands, this is obvs the way to go. Thanks for giving me a kick up the bum - lol!

  17. Thanks for sharing, it's so important to make a media kit, to show potential companies your blog :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes