As a lot of people are travelling more now, whether that be around the UK or abroad, it's important to know what to pack. Many of us will be out of the swing of it due to various coronavirus restrictions on travel, especially abroad.

For this reason, I am going to share with you a few of my travel essentials. I usually try to pack as light as possible because I hate having to carry heavy bags when I go anywhere, so this will probably be bare essentials and I may miss some stuff out that is important to you. These are just my tips.

woman walking through airport with luggage
Image by Gustavo Fring on Pexels.

5 essentials you need for travelling

1. A separate purse or wallet

Now, this one is mainly for if you are travelling abroad and have different currency. I always like to take a separate purse for my holiday money or any holiday cards so I don't get it mixed up with my UK cash. You don't need to do this, I just find it easier and it gives me an excuse to have another purse. Also, if you have any tickets for anything you can keep them in the holiday purse too.

2. Miniatures

Having small toiletries for travel is so much easier as it takes up so much less space and you may only be allowed under 100ml liquids if you are travelling with hand luggage anyway.

3. Hand sanitiser

I mean this one really doesn't need an explanation but it's just essential to have on you at all times to make sure those hands are clean.

4. Portable charger

If you're like me, then you will need a fully charged phone to take pictures and videos of every waking moment of the holiday. It's also important to have a charged phone in case you need to call anyone or use google maps to find something.

5. Pain killers

Any time I travel, I seem to be cursed with getting a headache. Whether it's from getting up early, or maybe drinking a little too much while I'm away, I always seem to get one. So I would definitely recommend taking pain killers with you. I learnt this the hard way when I went to Mallorca a few years ago. I needed painkillers and they cost me around 5 euros on the resort when in the UK they are literally 40p.

So there we have it. Everyone is different and will have different essentials, and it depends on where you are travelling to as well. Obviously, if you are travelling abroad you will need a passport and boarding passes. If you are going on a long haul flight you will need different essentials - I may write a separate blog post on this.
What is one thing you can't travel without?


  1. These are definitely all essentials of mine when I go away as well. I couldn't be without a portable charger when I'm on holiday!


  2. I'm with you on two purses! When I was younger, I would have two watches 🙈 Also a portable charger is a MUST x

    Caroline | https://envirolineblog.com/

  3. Although these are just basic essentials they can be easily forgotten! Thanks for sharing x

    Soffy / https://alittlecupofus.com/

  4. I totally get this. Could not survive without a charger.

  5. A separate purse wallet is a brilliant idea. I’ve made the embarrassing wrong currency mistake a couple of times.

  6. Yes, painkillers are a great shout! You never know when you're going to get cramps or headache and your body doesn't care that you're on holiday! Thanks for sharing x

  7. Painkillers are a must for me! I suffer with quite a lot of headaches, especially if I’m busy or got a lot going on so if I’m on holiday, chances are I’m going to get at least one and I don’t want to let it ruin my day! x

  8. Miniatures, plasters and a separate purse are all essentials for me when travelling! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  9. Yes! This is such a great post and any excuse to buy an extra purse in worth it in my opinion. I never thought to take painkillers with me on holiday but it makes sense. I always pack plasters because there is nothing worse than having sore feed.

  10. I’m going away shortly and I am stocked up on the pain killers front! I get nasty migraines and I don’t want them getting in the way of my time away. A portable charger is also a must! I take mine out with me all the time!

  11. Pain killers - girl you are talking my language! I can't remember the last time I had a trip away so I feel like I'd need this blog post when I next have one! I'm clueless these days!



  12. What an awesome list of essentials - my essential also include chapstick and sunglasses I can never pack a small purse without those two! Pain killers and medications are so important - often one of the first things I pack so I don't forget them! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Yes definitely essential items! I have a little pouch for my hand luggage essentials: hand sanitizer, facemasks, lipbalm, painkillers and wet wipes. I also like to pack a sleep mask and earplugs, mainly for hotel in case they put me on the mainstreet side on a Saturday night :)

  14. Great essentials - hand sanitizer is a must!! I also like to being an extension lead so I have more than one plug wherever I'm staying x