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I have really enjoyed sharing some of my favourite blogs with you each month, it's such a good way to interact with and discover new people.

Life of Morag blog logo

Firstly, we have Life of Morag, a fabulous blog all about travel, politics, health and life in general. I recently discovered Morag on Twitter and I'm so glad that I did, she has such insightful posts that are written from the heart. Be sure to check out her blog!

Start by reading these posts

A girl with a view blog logo

Tash from A Girl with a View is one of my all-time favourite bloggers. She writes about lifestyle, university, travel and more. I always make sure to keep up to date with her posts and you should too! If you love reading helpful, honest posts then you need to check out A Girl with a View.

Check out these posts by Tash

Pickle Emporium logo

Now, this suggestion is a little bit different as I usually advertise bloggers but why not promote small shops too? Prickle Emporium sell really lovely succulent plants and plant accessories. These plants would really brighten up a room and by buying them you would be really supporting a small business. Make sure to check out Prickle Emporium for your plant needs.

Lynn Mumbing Mejia blog logo
Lynn Mumbing Mejia is a great lifestyle blogger with some really helpful posts about DIY and life in general. My favourite posts of hers are her recipes, they always look amazing! If you want really informative posts and advice then you need to check out Lynn's blog!

Make sure you read these posts by Lynn

Sophia Patel blog logo
And finally, last but definitely not least we have Sophia Patel. From blogging help to lifestyle and travel, Sophia has such an amazing range of posts on her blog. If you love reading all about lifestyle or need a bit of blogging advice from time to time then her blog is definitely for you!

Check out these posts from Sophia

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy these blogs and shops as much as I do, let me know what you think of them. I loved having them on my blog! Remember, if you want to advertise with me for as little as £3 per month then you can just reach out to me.


  1. I love Lynn's blog and I enjoy reading Tash's posts too! Also I LOVE succulents so I'll definitely check out Prickle Emporium!

  2. I really wish I hadn't read this because you're going to have caused me to spend even more money on plants for my office now I know about Prickle Emporium! I've headed over there straight away, haha! xxx

  3. I'm unfamiliar with a few of these bloggers so I'm off to check them out! Thank you so much for sharing - I love finding new blogs to read.

  4. Love to see plenty of bloggers I already know and some new ones! You said plant shop and it's enough, checking it out now hoping not too buy too many! Thanks for sharing x

  5. Some amazing bloggers here! Some I know and love and some newbies!

    Katie |

  6. I love Tash and Lynn's content, they're such great bloggers! I'll be checking out these other bloggers too! x

    Lucy |