I find that the start of the new year is a good time for a social media clear-out. Whether that be unfollowing any accounts that produce content that is not really relevant to you anymore, or even archiving some of your own posts that just don't feel very you anymore.

It is also a good time to follow new accounts that lift your timeline up. This is why I am sharing some of my favourite accounts to follow on Instagram in 2022.

I wrote a blog post a while back about why social media doesn't have to be negative and this is exactly what I mean. A lot of people have negative experiences with social media, especially Instagram. However, you are in control of who you follow, so make sure it's accounts that add something to your life and make you feel positive after seeing their content.

Also, do you use TikTok? Let me know if you want to see a TikTok version of this post too since I am always scrolling on there and would love to share my favourite accounts on there with you too.

Anyway, here is a list of some of my favourite Insta accounts to follow at the moment that you should check out, categorised into the main theme of their content, e.g. fashion or food. Emphasis on SOME of my favourite accounts as I follow so many great ones, these are just my favourites of now.

woman holding iphone next to coffee

Instagram accounts you need to follow in 2022


First up we have me!!! Yep that's right, why not put myself first? If you regularly read my blogs, chances are you follow me on Instagram anyway but if not, come and say hello at @_laurenken.

Travel (or people showing local hidden gems)

I feel like I don't see as many Instagram accounts solely for travel since covid, but I follow a lot of great accounts that show hidden gems around their local cities.



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Who are some of your favourite creators on Instagram at the moment? 


  1. Great! More interesting folk to be following.

  2. A great list -- it's good to see I already follow a number of these lovely creators. I'll be following some more and checking out what they do, etc. Thanks!

  3. Definitely a good list! I don’t know most of these, but will definitely be checking them out. I agree on Behind The False Lashes, she has some of the best travel content. Someone I love for fashion is chlolaurenblogs, she has the cutest style šŸ„°

  4. I'm always on the lookout for new people to follow on Instagram, so I'll be sure to check these out! Thanks for sharing xx

    Hannah |

  5. Have gone tbrough and followed a few thanks for sharing the list

  6. Some great accounts here - I follow a few of these already. You're right it's always good to follow people to make your social media a better place x

  7. I love a good round up and this post is super helpful because it's drilled down to niches. I defo need some fresh people to follow thanks!

  8. Some incredible accounts and content creators here, I follow quite a few in this list, but I will definitely check out the others!

    Lucy Mary