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Blogging and studying are two really hectic, time consuming and effort taking things. And if someone had asked me few months ago if I would be able to juggle university with blogging, I would have given a big NO! but I'm doing it today and even though it gets tough sometimes, the fact that I'm able to juggle them both is something I am proud of myself for as they are no joke. Blogging and University are two different things but they both require an insane amount of time, energy, commitment and hard work. If I had to juggle university with babysitting the neighbours' 4 year old daughter, it would have been a completely different case as baby sitting even though stressful, is not as stressful as blogging. 

In the few months of me juggling blogging with university, there has been ups, downs, positives, negatives. I have learnt a lot from juggling both and today, I'll be sharing the good, bad, the ugly and the lessons I have learnt from juggling university and blogging.

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Some positives 

Juggling blogging and university made me realize that I am stronger, can handle so much and stay organized and I am so much more capable than I know. Sometimes, being faced with a really tough situation brings out our capabilities and brings out a kind of strength we never knew existed. I never felt like I wasn't strong or capable of handling things but I did feel like I wasn't capable of juggling university and blogging. I knew just how much time, commitment and energy they both require and at some point I did feel like it would be impossible for me to juggle both of them but guess what! I proved myself wrong. 

Though, it has not been easy, I have been doing well and the fact that I have been able to handle so much and still be on top of my game has made me believe so much more in myself and my abilities. Even with the fact that I have been juggling both, I have been able to do assignments, post twice a week and catch up with some other non blogging/non uni stuff and boy aren't I awesome?! 

Some negatives 

Juggling the both is stressful as hell. Juggling these two have given me sleepless nights, late nights and early mornings and sometimes, I get so stressed, I just leave both of them and go relax somewhere haha. The stress that comes with juggling these two is just too much but I have been able to stress less and up my productivity game with to-do lists. I swear to-do lists are a lifesaver and I would be forever grateful. Even with the to-do lists, juggling blogging and university is still a handful but the to-do lists make such a difference. Aside from the experiences I had juggling blogging and uni I have learnt a lot from juggling university with blogging and below are some of the things I have learnt! 


1) Nothing's impossible and you can do anything you put your heart to

Who would have known that I would somehow be able to manage blogging and uni together? If you are a blogger I'm sure you feel me when I say blogging is super stressful. If you are a student too then you know that even though uni is fun, it does entail a lot but I did put my heart to juggling these two and it worked for me. I have been so hell bent on not leaving any behind, I have gone out of my comfort zone to make sure I keep up with both and things have been going well. There will be challenges on the way but you can overcome any challenge and cross every hurdle once you put your heart to it. 

2) It's about finding the right balance 

Balance is so important in everything we do and it is important that we try and find a balance in our lives as much as we can. Finding a balance between blogging, university and other aspects of my life really helped me a lot and as much as I put my everything into university work and blogging, I did learn not to ignore other parts of my life even when I am super super busy. 

3) Me time is a must even when there seems to be too much on my plate 

Imma be honest now, there have been times when I neglected me, my health and my wellbeing just to get everything else done but never again. Creating time for me is a must and it is also an important part of self love. I have realized that it is very easy to neglect ourselves and get wrapped up in everything else, all the hustles and bustles of life but juggling blogging and university made me realize that overworking myself would only make me less productive and I need to create time for myself no matter how much work I have to do. 

4) Passion is so so important 

I have always known that passion is super important but juggling blogging and university made me realize that the importance of having a passion for whatever you are doing can never be overemphasized. Passion gives you motivation to go on even when things are rough. On days where I have felt like quitting, passion kept me. If you are doing something you don't have passion for, it will be easier to call it quits when the storm hits but having a passion for something will give you the drive to keep going even when nothing seems to be working. 

These are my experiences and the lessons I have learnt from juggling university and blogging. Are you a student blogger out there, or are you juggling blogging with your day job or anything at all? How do you cope with juggling both and not getting burnout? What are some experiences you have had and what are some lessons you have learnt from juggling blogging with whatever you are juggling it with? Let me know! 

About the author 

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  1. Love this post! I'm juggling studying, working and blogging, it can be super difficult but so long as you are organised, you should get through it just fine!

  2. Ruth is a great blogger, and this post is so real - one of us is starting uni next week and she's a bit stressed with all she has to deal with, but I guess having a bit of support too it's good. Thank you for sharing x

  3. This is me right now. I’ve been away from blogging for a long time now and I totally get what you mean by “blogging is super stressful when juggling work/school”. So glad to read how you found a balance.
    I just found a balance with working and blogging. Totally love it.
    Great post

  4. Great advice, jusggling blogging with any kind of commitment is so hard but super rewarding. Taking time is crucial though, I have learned the hard way and very much need a break now.

    Thanks for sharing x

  5. I can't imagine how hard it can be juggling uni and blogging, I remember when I worked full time and blogged at the same time and it was a struggle at times! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  6. Thanks for sharing, I'm juggling working and blogging at the moment esp. with all that is going on so it's hard work to fit it all in :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  7. I don't go to University (and never did) so I can't imagine the workload alone, let alone combined with the time and effort it takes to run a blog! I admire anyone who does it :) x

  8. I can't imagine juggling uni work, uni life and blogging. Especially now during the pandemic when so much of the honus to learn is on you!
    You sound like you're doing an amazing job!


  9. Congratulations at juggling both - studying at university is quite a busy time and managing a blog similar with it being quite a bit of time and effort! It sounds like you've learned a lot with balance and juggling both. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  10. I totally relate to what you said in this blog post! A lot of nights where I've stayed up late because I want to get a blog post out but realistically need to put uni first. It's very easy for juggling both to become something that causes burnout which is why I'm so grateful that I live by the beach - a walk by the sea gives me some time off xx

    Caroline x

  11. Wow, I don't know how you manage to juggle blogging and Uni- that's so great! I took a step back from my blog while I was at Uni, but I wish I'd put a bit more effort into keeping it up. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips for any current students x

  12. Doing any two things passionately will always be a juggling act. Glad to see you've got some ideas on how to make it work.

  13. Juggling the demands of blogging and university has taught the author valuable life lessons. It revealed her inner strength and capabilities while emphasizing the importance of finding balance, management assignment help to make time for self-care, and staying passionate with the best result about one's pursuits. These experiences have enriched her life and personal growth.

  14. Juggling a blog and university can be difficult and a business marketing dissertation topics, but incredibly rewarding. It improves time management and writing skills while sharing your academic journey with the world. Keep it up.