This is a guest post from Jamie at JamieAdStories.

I was really pleased to get the chance to write a guest post for the brilliant Wool of the King blog. After thinking about what I could discuss, I decided to explore why books are still very relevant and important in our modern world. 

Reading is a skill that is not readily available to thousands of people around the planet, so it is definitely worth celebrating and protecting. Books take many forms these days, but however you imbibe them, they provide education and entertainment for so many of us. In effect, books are the keys to other worlds and information; they provide inspiration, stimulation and make us think reflectively about our lives and the way we live them.

So, let me outline some of the reasons for my believing that books really do matter. The following suggestions are open for debate and I would welcome any thoughts on these in the comments below.

Books and plant on windowsill

1. Books are flexible

Although some people still think of books as printed papers that stem back to Victorian times and oily printing presses, we all know that books have changed with the times. These days, if you want to read a book electronically, you can lap up a story using a kindle reader or iPad. As well as this, audible versions of popular novels have helped to establish a big market for audiobooks.

When buying a book, you can choose how to access that text. For me, I still like to peruse a book shop and flick through the pages of freshly printed stories. But it is possible to get hold of a book right away if you find you cannot wait to get your hands on a physical version. Gone are the days of queueing up at midnight for the latest J.K. Rowling book. You can now download an ebook instantly, should that take your fancy.

2. Books are teachers

Yes, non-fiction books can open our minds to new nuggets of information – that goes without saying. However, fiction books teach us lots too. For instance, I have become interested in visiting certain parts of France, thanks to the novels of Joanne Harris (author of Chocolat). Many of my family are obsessed with crime dramas and, as a result, seem to think they know everything about courtrooms, having picked up lots of lingo from reading about detectives and hearings.

3. Reading is good for the brain

We all need to keep our brains busy so that they carry on working effectively. I am no scientist but I do know a dementia expert who says how important regular reading is in flexing the muscle and continuing to fire synapses. 

Reading expands our vocabulary, makes us think about contexts and storylines, and enables us to make connections with places we have been. Using our memories, we try to find settings we can recall which may help us to envisage a story location.

4. Books are social beings

Just like when you didn’t attend a party that all of your friends went to and you have a case of FOMO (fear of missing out), if others are talking about a new novel, you soon want to be a part of that conversation. Book groups and online forums are very popular these days and sharing thoughts about stories is widespread through blogs and podcasts.

I really enjoy engaging with other bloggers about particular books and often check out Booktube on YouTube where bloggers either ‘big up’ or rip apart new fiction. Personally, I only write about books that gripped me as less satisfying stories don’t hold my attention long enough to make me want to disrespect them. Not all books suit everyone, after all. But it is a reader’s market with so many genres and wonderful authors producing a wide range of stories.

5. Books make a difference

Over the years, books have played important parts in history. These days books provide the inspiration for TV shows and movies, as well as theatre plays. Books have encouraged social change and influenced revolutions. Even today, when a biography comes out about someone famous, the newspapers flock and people start talking about the issues that arise from it.

Books are relevant as they open minds, challenge perceptions, and inspire people to use their imaginations. It is well known that writers get their ideas from other authors. The more you read, the better the ideas you come up with.

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Hopefully, I have convinced you that reading books is still worthwhile and suits the modern world well. Books got me thinking as I grew up and later inspired me to have a go at writing fiction and reviewing books on my blog JamieAdStories. For a previous post about this, please check Why Reading Is Important.

Thanks so much to Lauren for enabling me to write on her lovely blog. I love being able to share my passion for books with everybody and hope you will share your thoughts on the article.


  1. What a away to quote the reasons. I agree, books are teacher and can help us to learn a lot. Thank you for sharing!

  2. So true!!!!! I agree with everything you said! Books are still important. In fact, they are treasures.

  3. All of this post is so true! Books still matter and I love reading still! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Good. I totally agree and am glad you love reading.

  4. I totally agree with you, reading books is so important to continue doing. I find it easier to have an actual book to hand when reading rather than on something like a kindle. Reading is so good for the brain, i actually find reading really helps with my motivation for my blog. If I take a moment to read, I get this boost of energy again to get writing. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely Xo

    Elle - ellegracedeveson.com

  5. Love this post! Totally agree with everything said here. Books will always matter - they're absolute lifelines.

  6. This makes me so happy! As a book blogger and just generally as a bookworm, I clearly believe that books definitely matter. I would even go so far as to say that they are VITAL! I know that not everyone thinks that way, but they've completely changed my life for the better :)

  7. loved this post! i've been getting back into reading after a slump of a few years. i love reading because it allows me to break away from social media and technology for a little while. i love escaping to another world within the stories. the more the merrier!

  8. Thank you for sharing! My new years resolution is to read to books a month. I'm currently at 9 books so on track so far. Reading is a lovely way to escape from the world and take a break from screens.

  9. I like to highlight passages in the books I read and write little notes in the margins (which I know can be done with some of the e-readers, etc but it simply isn't the same experience as it is with physical books. I also like to leave things between the pages (anything connected to the story; artwork, recipes mentioned, for example) so I will always prefer books. Great post!

    1. I like kindle when I am at work and just want a quick read. But books are way better.

  10. Everything in this post is so true! I think books are quite underrated nowadays, especially printed ones. The 'Books are flexible' reminded me of something a teacher of mine once said, 'Books are wonderful because their batteries never die and they're compatible with every hand.'

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