Love or hate Halloween, there are still lots of good films to be watching this season. To be honest, I rarely celebrate Halloween. I know some people will carve pumpkins every single year but I only really celebrated it at uni when there were parties to go to.

Halloween sweets and lollies in a bowl

That's not to say I don't like Halloween, I just don't treat it how I'd treat Christmas, as I love Christmas so much! This year, I'm not really doing anything for Halloween so I will probably be watching some of the films from this list.

I'm also not a massive fan of scary films so I have created a list of non-scary Halloween films for people who maybe don't want to be too scared this Halloween.

Without further ado, here is my ultimate Halloween watch list and where to watch them.

15 non-scary films to watch this Halloween


1. The Addams Family

This is probably the first film I would think of when someone mentions Halloween to me. It's definitely one of my go-to's at this time of year.

2. Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride was one of the films I used to watch over and over as a child. I think that probably says a lot about me.

3. Ghostbusters

Is it even Halloween if you don't hear the song from Ghostbusters everywhere you go?

4. Birdbox

Not technically Halloween-themed but one of the only 'horrors' I can watch because it's a little scary but not too much for me. There are differing opinions on this movie but I really liked the storyline and it kept me on my toes.

5. Midsommar (OK this one is a little scary)

This is probably the scariest film I have seen but that's because I don't watch horrors. It was more weird than anything else but really good and highly rated. I think it was described as a daylight horror because it's not really that scary but a lot of horrible stuff happens.

6. Labyrinth

Not technically Halloween again but David Bowie in this would make a really good costume.


7. Halloweentown

How better to celebrate Halloween than throwing it back to your younger years? I swear this film used to always be on Disney Channel at this time of year.

8. Nightmare before Christmas

One of the better animated Halloween films, if not the best. AND it has Christmas in it as well which is perfect for me.

9. Hocus pocus

When I said The Addams Family was the film I think of when I think of Halloween, this would be the second one.

10. Twitches

Another Disney Channel Halloween film and I used to love Tia and Tamera.

11. The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This is a personal favourite out of this list!

Amazon Prime Video

12. Knives Out

Again, not technically associated with Halloween but it is a great murder mystery story.

13. The Joker

This is in here because is there ever a Halloween party where someone isn't dressed as The Joker? Also, it's a great film.

14. Us

OK, this film was a little scary for me too but the storyline was great and outshined the horror aspect of it.

I wish I could watch all 14 of these films on Halloween but it's not going to be possible, I will give it a good go though I'm sure.
What's your favourite film to watch around Halloween?


  1. These are great ideas! My son is 10 and likes Halloween but obviously he can't watch any of the scary Halloween films yet. I would like to add 80's classic Beetlejuice to the list :)

  2. I'm the same as you with Halloween & scary films are a definite no from me! I think I'll watch the Addams Family x

    Caroline | https://envirolineblog.com/

  3. I love this list. I need to try some Disney Plus ones.

  4. This is such a great list and giving me some inspiration to watch something this afternoon! Really have to group everyone to watch Hocus Pocus x

  5. Although I personally LOVE Horror and the scarier the better, this is a great list of movies. I adore Midsommar - definitely not scary in the traditional sense but extremely disturbing for sure! Rocky Horror is a MUST-WATCH (although my boyfriend hates it) and The Corpse Bride is a wonderful film too x

  6. I hate horror films so this is a great list for me! I like to get in the Halloween spirit, without scaring myself haha thanks for sharing x

  7. Halloween town and Hocus Pocus are my all time fav non horror movies. Great movie list.

  8. Halloweentown and hocus pocis are two of my childhood favourites! I didn’t realize they were on Disney+. Thanks for that. I haven’t seen a few of your Netflix recommendations so I’ll check those out.

  9. Ummm 4, 5, and 14 would definitely freak me out haha! I can't do scary AT ALL, so I watch Halloweentown every year and sometimes add Twitches into the mix. I do like Knives Out though :) And my recent favorite was Only Murders in the Building (a show, but totally worth the watch)!

  10. this is such a great list of halloween movies. i'm sometimes not in the mood for scary ones, so these suggestions are perfect and lighthearted.

  11. Thanks for sharing. These are some movies I can watch with my kids!

  12. It's lovely to finally read a blogger recommend non scary films to watch on Halloween! x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  13. The Addams Family, Ghostbusters and Hocus Pocus are family favorites. Great post and great movie picks

  14. I'm such a wuss these days, I can't watch really scary movies anymore and they used to be my favourite! Great list, thank you

  15. Although I like watching horror movies, I can't watch them all the time. These are great alternatives. Thanks for sharing!

  16. I've watched most of these, but surprisingly haven't watched Midsommar yet. Not sure if I'm ready for it though, as most people have said it's really creepy. Thank you for sharing this list! x

  17. good list of non-scary films!

  18. I read this at just the right time as I was recently talking about having a Halloween movie marathon with my husband but he isn't into anything too scary. There are some great suggestions here -- they are going on my list!

  19. Ghostbusters is one of my favourite movies, it really is just such a classic. I also really love hocus pocus x

  20. Love this - Hocus Pocus is my fave. Defiantly not a horror fan, so going to watch some of these this week!

  21. This is a great list! I like watching scary films myself but they are not suited for everyone in the family. These are so great additions to our Halloween line up! Thanks for sharing!

  22. You've given me a few films to think about here. I'm watching the nightmare before Christmas with my daughter on Sunday, but I might throw in the Corpse Bride, as I loved that too.