Ok so I love cocktails and I love prosecco so I thought this would be an exciting post for me to write! I have been loving going out for cocktails lately but it's still good to know how to make some of your own at home. Whether you are having people round, or whether we are in lockdown number 107583.

Prosecco cocktail with candy floss

If you're a prosecco drinker like me and would drink it anyway, then it's very handy to know how to make prosecco cocktails because they are simple but look far more impressive than just an ordinary glass (even though there is nothing ordinary about it). What is it Gino D'Acampo says? Minimum effort maximum satisfaction - and I live my life by that mantra.

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Why Prosecco Cocktails?

I always want to try making different cocktails at home but it can be expensive, and just a lot of effort to buy lots of different ingredients. However, if you're going to drink prosecco anyway then you will already have one ingredient in. 

Also, they are just tasty and elegant and let's not lie, it will make you look fancy if you have guests over. Try any of these cocktails with champagne too if you're feeling really boujee.

5 Prosecco Cocktails you need to try

1. Kir Royale

This is a super easy cocktail, it's literally just a glass of prosecco with some creme de cassis (a fancy way of saying blackcurrant liqueur). At home we usually just use Chambord which is more widely available and tastes like a jammy doughnut. I am not going to give any measurements because everyone has different tastes, but its just a small bit of Chambord or your liqueur in your prosecco.

2. Peach Bellini

Again, super easy! It's just a glass of prosecco again with a little bit of peach puree added. You can make your own puree or just buy it.

3. Mimosa 

You may know of this as a Bucks Fizz, it's a glass of prosecco with orange juice. This is breakfasty for me, I probably wouldn't have it in the evening but a lot of people like it. I am thinking more brunch on holiday vibes. (I saw a video saying how we get away with day drinking by calling it brunch, SO TRUE)

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4. French 75

I hadn't actually heard of a French 75 until I read a blog post from Faye at Female Original. It is usually gin and champagne but as I thought I'd swap it for prosecco for this blog post. Faye has a great recipe to make a French 75 with Bobby's Gin.

5. Pink Gin Spritz

OK, I kind of stole this one from Slug and Lettuce, but we have had to recreate cocktails in various lockdowns when we haven't been able to get them out. This cocktail is a bit bigger than the others so I'd use a gin glass rather than a prosecco one for this. It's a double shot of gin, prosecco and then topped up with soda water or lemonade. Basically like a posh, stronger G&T.

And there we have 5 really easy prosecco cocktails you can try making at home. Which one would you love to try the most?


  1. Oh I do love a mimosa cocktail, it's one of my favourites! I also love the sound of these prosecco cocktails x

    Lucy | www.lucymary.co.uk

  2. I love a glass of prosecco and you really can't beat a mimosa! Great post lovely x

  3. I dont think you can ever go wrong with a prosecco cocktail. I love peach bellini's although they always go straight to my head.

  4. I've been getting into cocktails reccently so I'm definitely adding peach bellini to my list to make <3 Great post x

  5. Ooo, I love a good prosecco cocktail. These are all so yummy. Have you tried Prosecco and Limoncello? Just like lemon sherbet...delicious!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  6. I love prosecco but it's so dangerous for me! Too much of it or if I mx it with something else and I'm a goner.
    I've not been out for cocktails yet but I am so ready to get dressed up and have a cocktail with my girls!


  7. The pink gin spritz sounds right up my street! I'm not a fan of prosecco on it's own but in a cocktail, I'm sold! x

  8. These all sound gorgeous! They would be coupled great with a cheeky dip in a hot tub.

  9. Prosecco is amazing by itself but I also love a good cocktail. Mimosas are one of my faves and it's definitely how I get away with drinking in the morning, haha! Thank you for sharing!

  10. Love this! Prosecco makes anything more festive and celebratory x

  11. Mimosa is def the most common here. Like, literally everyone thinks they are innovative for having mimosas or a mimosa with strawberry or something. I'll try the blackberry liqueur though!

  12. These are all dreamy cocktails Lauren! Thanks so much for sharing my French 75 recipe as well - so glad you like it :) x


  13. Thanks for sharing, all of these cocktail recipes, they look lovely :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes