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This is now my 4th month of featuring advertisers on my blog and I have been really loving it. I love reading posts like these too and discovering new bloggers so I hope you have been enjoying discovering these wonderful bloggers too! This month, I have 5 amazing bloggers to share with you, I also offer ad slots to small shops too so if you are a small shop or business owner wanting to increase sales or views to your website then let me know!

Enviroline blog logo

The first blogger I have to share with you is one of my favourites, it's Enviroline Blog. Caroline is not only a lovely person, but she also shares amazing content about the environment and eating disorder recovery. I always learn so much when I read her blogs and love keeping up with her content on social media too.

Check out these posts from Enviroline Blog

Sunshine Sarah blog logo
Sunshine Sarah is another great blogger that I am proud to share with you. Sarah is a lifestyle blogger and she also shares really great vegan recipes. Her goal is to bring a ray of sunshine into your life with her content and she definitely succeeds in that.

Start by checking out these posts

Brit Voyage blog logo
Next up on the bloggers you need to check out this month is Brit Voyage. Georgia from Brit Voyage is a travel and lifestyle blogger that writes amazing blog posts all about her adventures around the UK. I am always looking for new places to explore in the UK which is why I love Georgia's content.

Here are a few of my favourite posts from Georgia

Skinned Cartree blog logo

A great blogger who I have only recently discovered is Corinne from Skinned Cartree. Corrine writes fab posts all about lifestyle and blogging help so if you love reading about that then you need to check out Corinne's blog!

Start by checking out these posts

Miel and mint blog logo
Finally, last but not least is Nadia from Miel and Mint. Nadia writes really helpful posts all about self-help, productivity and lifestyle. She is another blogger that I have discovered recently and I love her content. Again, I am always learning new things when I read her posts.

Check out these posts from Miel and Mint

I hope you enjoyed reading about these bloggers as much as I enjoyed sharing their content with you. Don't forget to check them out! 

Who are your favourite bloggers at the moment?


  1. Ah so many lovely blogs here! I'll need to check out Brit Voyage as haven't heard of that blog before xx

  2. I love these posts because there are always bloggers I haven't come across before. I will need to go and check them out now.

  3. I know Sarah and Caroline but there rest are very new to me! Glad that I can find new blogs to check out. Thank you x

  4. Love to see so many known blogs and to find also some new reads! I will check them pout now, thanks for sharing x

  5. I absolutely love Caroline's blog, I love all of her sustainability posts! x

    Lucy |

  6. I love Skinned Cartree and Enviroline Blog :) Two amazing bloggers! x

  7. Love the blog roundup in this month's post! I found Skinned Cartree recently and have been loving her posts :)

  8. I love these posts as they're the best way to discover new bloggers. I'm not familiar with a couple here so I'm excited to check them out!

  9. Ooh I haven't ever come across Brit Voyage before I will need to check it out just now.

  10. Wonderful to meet your advertisers and explore some interesting blogs! Thanks for sharing and I look forward to exploring these blogs :)