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I recently received the Master Mindset Diary starter kit from Amanthis. Amanthis is a small stationary business that aims to create affordable stationary.

Master Mindset Diary starter kit

The diary runs from August 2020 until August 2021, so it's perfect for studying. When I first flicked through the diary, I noticed that each month has a calendar view of the month for you to write things in if you just wanted to see what you had on in the month. There are also weekly pages for planning your availability week by week. 

Each page has a positive quote on the top, which I really love and before each month there is a quote to keep you going. My favourite thing about the Master Mindset Diary, is that it isn't just a space where you can plan your time, it also has positive affirmations, space to write goals, productivity levels, moods and achievements. 

I'm going to be using my Master Mindset Diary for university, blogging and just life in general because it has already started helping me to plan for the new academic year.

Positive quote in mindset diary

In the starter kit, I also got some Goal Getter pencils, a couple of pens, a list pad and a finance tracker. I will definitely be using the finance tracker while at university this year. 

I do really like a diary and most of the time, I prefer a January - January one but this mid year diary is going to help me so much in my final year of uni. 

Do you like using diaries to keep organised? 

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  1. I like making diary but only digital I gets too lazy to make actual one. also it would be great if your blog page font were little medium size to read.

  2. I like the look of this diary, I love that this diary has a quote on the top of each page! x

    Lucy |

  3. It is great that you have a planner for school! I like the concept of the Master Mindset Diary. Planners that have everything to help you succeed are the best! Great place to have it all in one. Good luck with your final year in uni!

    Nancy ✨

  4. These sounds like a great diary/planner. I love that it has positive and inspiring quotes throughout it. Love the idea of a planner, but I am terrible at keeping up with them, somethign to work on though I guess. Will be having a look into this one!

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

  5. I need to get better at keeping a diary. I like that this one has a focus other than how much you have left to do!

  6. This is the second post about this diary I've seen and I think that's a sign telling me to get one! I also prefer Jan - Jan diaries though x

  7. It really does sound like the perfect planner to have for school. And the positive affirmations are a great addition. So sweet and special! I hope you love using it!

  8. I love this!! I always buy an academic planner for work so this would have been perfect.

    I think I need to invest in one for next school year x

  9. I like this a lot, I love diaries and planners so much! I really want to check this product out it’s very me. Would be great for planning blog content too.

  10. Thank you so much for your review, Lauren! I really appreciate it, thank you again for sharing!