I know it's not quite Christmas yet but it's beginning to be the time of year where people start thinking about buying their Christmas presents if they haven't already started. Buying gifts can be so hard sometimes because you might not have a clue what to get some people, or ANYONE. If that is you then hopefully this list of gender neutral gift ideas will help you in some way.

Gender neutral Christmas gifts
1. Favourite chocolates /sweets or any other food favourite
2. Books
3. Stationary
4. Novelty mugs
5. Clothes
6. Accessories
7. Jewellery
8. Hobby related items e.g.
9. Tickets e.g. concert tickets, theatre tickets
10. Socks (it's not Christmas without socks)
11. Games
12. Gift card for their favourite shop
13. Picture frame (with or without picture in it)
14. Perfume/aftershave
15. Bath & shower stuff
16. Ornaments
17. DVDs
18. CD/vinyl
19. Adult colouring book & pens
20. Art

I hope this list helped you in some way and maybe gave you some ideas. Obviously there are other gifts that you could get people that are typically tailored to just one gender but this is just an overall list of things that could suit anyone. Let me know in the comments if you have any other gift ideas. Thank you so much for reading :)

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