30 December 2016

Merry awkward stage between Christmas and New year everyone! I hope you all had a FAB Christmas, just like I did. I ate so much and I'm not even ashamed because I feel like that is intrinsic to Christmas. Obviously I had a significantly large Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, which would have been rude not to have finished, but I also had a HUGE baked brie on Boxing Day (which is one of my favourite things ever). However, I am going back to normal eating now and I can't decide whether that is good or bad.

A few days before Christmas, my boyfriend Adam and I went to London for the day and then went to Winter Wonderland in the evening. It was such a good day out we saw so many Pret A Mangers (where I work) and I just had to go in one. Once food was out of the way, we went shopping on Oxford Street an I LOVE the Topshop there because it has cupcakes, a place to get your nails done and so many cool things that other Topshops don't have.

After Oxford Street, we caught the tube to Knightsbridge and took a trip to Harrods. This really was a trip because it felt like we were in there for hours; it is so big and it reminds me of IKEA because you can't find your way back out. You can tell I really should not be shopping in Harrods if I am comparing it to IKEA.

Finally, we decided it was time to go to Winter Wonderland and I felt like I was at the Christmas version of Disneyland. We went on the big ferris wheel but didn't want to go on other rides because one of them was £8!! I think one of my financial goals in life is to be able to spend £8 on a single ride without caring. I also ate a slice of pizza bigger than my head which was an inevitable highlight (I need to stop talking about food).

I have worked quite a bit throughout the holidays too, like on Christmas Eve. After working on Christmas Eve I went to midnight mass which, I guess is technically on Christmas day if it's midnight. That was eventful because a bouquet set on fire, everyone was fine though. After sleeping it was present opening time! Here are some of my FAB presents:

I loved everything I got so much but I have mention one of the DVDs I received which was Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. I had actually never heard of this film until I opened it; I watched it and it may be one of my favourite films, it is amazing and definitely worth a watch.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a happy new year :)


19 December 2016

In my most recent blog post I told you all how I went about applying to university and that I had finally done it. Since then, my application for uni was sent off to my college lecturers for them to write a reference for me. Once the references were finished, the final, completed application was sent by UCAS to all of the different universities of my choice. I applied to 4 different universities in the south of England for more or less the same course of BA Media and Communication.

After my application was sent to the universities I applied to, I had to wait for them to reply which was slightly nerve-racking to say the least. Although, it turns out I had nothing to worry about because I have been accepted into all 4 of the unis that I applied for and even got an unconditional offer from one of them. If the offer is unconditional it means that they will accept you onto the course and it doesn't matter what A-level grades you get. The remainder of my offers were conditional which was on the condition that I got certain grades at A-level.

The university I would most like to go to unfortunately isn't the one which gave me an unconditional offer and want me to get the amount of UCAS points that is equivalent to getting BBB at A-level, which means I will have to work really hard in order to get those grades. But, I feel like you need to work to achieve something because then you feel more like you've earned it.

Now, I just need to keep working hard with my A-levels and we will see how I do in my June exams. Wish me luck :) thank you so much for reading!


29 November 2016

I am in my final year of college and will be completing my A-levels next year so now I want to move on to bigger things; bigger things being uni. I have recently applied to 4 universities all in the south of the UK. This turned out to be quite a lengthy process as I had been visiting the universities of my choice since July and I honestly had no idea how to go about applying to university. Going to visit the universities on open days was honestly the best thing to do as they really show in detail what uni is actually like and the uni you choose might look good on paper but you may find that when you actually have a look at it that it really isn't for you. Looking at a few really helps because it shows you which ones you like best so you can order them into a sort of hierarchy.

Deciding what to study at university was also quite difficult for me as there is so much choice, maybe even too much choice, and I am the most indecisive person ever. Eventually, I decided that I was going to do a BA Media and Communication degree. This was a hard decision to come to as I also wanted to study Philosophy and Ethics but I preferred the look of the content covered at A-level and having looked at the course at different universities, it just wasn't what I was expecting. The media and communications course covers both practical and theoretical content which is good for indecisive me. Funnily enough, I also don't know what my plans are after uni and all of the people I have spoken to about the course said that it is the right one for me because it could lead you into a wide range of careers, unlike a degree in fashion journalism for example, which is more specific to a career choice.

Before choosing my top universities I had to consider the realities of it like how I'd get home, where I might look for part-time work, money and boring things like that. I didn't want to go too far from home which is why all of the universities of my choice are only an hour away from my home. There are no closer universities because I live in the middle of nowhereland, walking distance from Stonehenge. Once I had chosen my top universities, it was time to do more boring stuff like making a UCAS account in order to apply to them. UCAS the website used when applying to university where you store all of your details and write your personal statement. After completing the requirements from UCAS, the application was then sent off to my lecturers at college so they could write references for me and then send the applications to the universities. BORING.

I am now waiting to hear from all of the universities. I will either receive an unconditional offer, a conditional offer meaning that I will get in if I get the grades required, or they will decline me altogether. HOPEFULLY, I won't get declined as I have worked really hard at college to achieve the goal of going to uni and I got good grades last year so if this year goes well too then I'm all set! It's weird to think how this time last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do after college, now I have gotten to the point where I am waiting for replies from universities. Just goes to show that even me, the most indecisive person in the world decided on something. If I can do it, you can do it too.

Thank you so much for reading and I will keep you updated on the uni situation :)


16 November 2016

I know it's not quite Christmas yet but it's beginning to be the time of year where people start thinking about buying their Christmas presents if they haven't already started. Buying gifts can be so hard sometimes because you might not have a clue what to get some people, or ANYONE. If that is you then hopefully this list of gender neutral gift ideas will help you in some way.

1. Favourite chocolates /sweets or any other food favourite
2. Books
3. Stationary
4. Novelty mugs
5. Clothes
6. Accessories
7. Jewellery
8. Hobby related items e.g.
9. Tickets e.g. concert tickets, theatre tickets
10. Socks (it's not Christmas without socks)
11. Games
12. Gift card for their favourite shop
13. Picture frame (with or without picture in it)
14. Perfume/aftershave
15. Bath & shower stuff
16. Ornaments
17. DVDs
18. CD/vinyl
19. Adult colouring book & pens
20. Art

I hope this list helped you in some way and maybe gave you some ideas. Obviously there are other gifts that you could get people that are typically tailored to just one gender but this is just an overall list of things that could suit anyone. Let me know in the comments if you have any other gift ideas. Thank you so much for reading :)


9 November 2016

So as promised from my last blog, I am going to tell you about my weekend seeing Bring Me The Horizon and Catfish and the Bottlemen live and about seeing Bastille last Friday.

First of all, I will talk about my time seeing Bastille last Friday. It was an amazing night but before this me and my friend Robyn who also came to watch Bastille had a late lunch out in The Cosy Club which is one of our favourite places to eat. After lunch, we made our way down to the venue and started queuing for about an hour (it felt like forever). When we were finally able to go in, we were happy because we were SOOO close to the stage and had such a good view as you can see from the picture above (apart from at one point there was a human giraffe standing in front of us but we'll forget about that for now). The first support were called Childcare and they were good and the second was called Rationale who was also good but we all know that when you're watching the support acts, you're actually just waiting for them to be over so you can watch the ACT YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR which was evidently Bastille. Finally, Bastille came on and we were SOOO excited! They opened up with send them off! and OMG Dan is such a good singer (he's even better looking in person too lol). Once a few more songs were played Dan started going through the crowd, unfortunately nowhere near us, then he went up to the seated area and was singing from there and everyone was getting selfies with him, it was so cute. When we came out of the venue, it was a couple of days before Halloween on a Friday night so we saw loads of people dressed up ready to go on a night out and of course, we got a McDonalds on the drive home ha ha ha.

A week later on the Saturday just gone, I had Bring Me The Horizon booked for the O2 in London with my friend Megan. Before this, we decided to spend the day in London with two other friends. When we got to London we thought it would be a good idea to go shopping in Westfield shopping centre in Stratford, turns out this wasn't a good idea because there was a football match on at West Ham so it was BUSY AF. Then we went so see the London eye and Big Ben which was cool because I got COOL selfies in front of them. After that, we went to Oxford Street because I desperately wanted to go to the Lush as I've never been to that one. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! It's safe to say that I LOVED IT! It was the first Lush I'd ever been to with more than one floor OMG it was like my Disneyland! But being Saturday, Oxford street was so busy, just like the rest of London and I just felt like I was in a bowl of human soup. Finally we went back to the O2 which incidentally has EVERY RESTAURANT YOU COUD EVER THINK OF, then we went into the arena. Luckily, we were seated so we could go in whenever we want without having to queue and it was more comfortable because we were TIRED AF after our day out in the London soup. Also, if we were standing we probably would have died in the giant mosh pits, they were cool to watch from where we were as we had really good seats but wouldn't have wanted to be down there LOL NOPE. We missed the first support act called Basement which I didn't mind as we'd never heard of them but we arrived just in time for Don Broco ( I love them too lol two gigs for the price of one). Then BMTH came on and it was MENTAL. They are so good live! I was so excited when Avalanche and Shadow Moses came on because they are my FAVES and they did not disappoint. On the way out, I saw my friend Luke who I'd met on holiday in Corfu which was so weird because the O2 is MASSIVE how did he even see me?!

Lastly, the night I had been most excited for had come! I WAS GOING TO SEE MY FAVES (below Lana Del Rey and Arctic Monkeys of course). I didn't really like the support act July Talk, I just couldn't wait for Catfish and the Bottlemen to start. I'd been waiting to see them for two years and it was worth the wait they were amazing! The crows was weird though, we waited so long before they came on and we were so close to the front but as you can see from the picture, we got pushed further and further back. Before Catfish came on, these people came around everyone asking if they knew who Van McCann was (obviously that is the lead singer of Catfish) and a lot of people there actually had no idea who he was which was funny to watch. As expected, everyone went FULL ON MAD when Catfish came on (including me). We got pushed around so much that me and Megan ended up on the floor ha ha ha. Then I felt someone spill their beer into my mouth EW HA HA HA, I hate beer. People kept coming past us to leave because they were panicking and wanted to get out, I thought that would be me at one point but I powered through because I didn't wait two years for nothing! Beer continued to be thrown lol, is it really a gig if you don't get elbowed in the face and smell like beer at the end? Catfish and the Bottlemen were so amazing live, one of the best gigs of my LIFE (so was BMTH probably).

P.S! I applied for uni, just waiting on my college to give me references then my application will be sent off. WISH ME LUCK! Thank you so much for reading. Comment below who you have seen live and who was your favourite :)


2 November 2016

HELLO EVERYONE! Today's blog is going to be different to usual and probably more casual and maybe a bit ranty. I'm ranting because I have had SO MUCH STUFF TO DO. I have English Language coursework to do. For anyone who doesn't know I am doing my A levels and if you do A levels then you know THE PAIN I'm in. I have also been spending time writing and perfecting my personal statement so I can apply for university which is SO SCARY. I have been looking around unis since about July and I think I've finally made my decision of where to go. YAAAY. 
Also I have just booked my driving test (wish me luck) finally after months of being atrocious at driving! Luckily it has clicked!!!

My life hasn't only been stressy at the moment though. I have also done COOL STUFF too. For instance, I saw Bastille Live on Friday which was AMAZING and I am going to another 2 concerts on Saturday and Sunday which I will tell you about in my next blog (EXCITING!!!)

Another cool thing I've done lately: I went to Fright Night at Thorpe Park on the 23rd of October and it was defo frightening so it is living up to it's name! We only went in one maze which was Cabin in the Woods and that was enough for me lol I prefer the rides. MY FAVE RIDE IS SAW  but a couple days before we went it got stuck for 45 minutes apparently; that wasn't stopping me though!

Because it was Halloween on Monday, I got to dress up for work on Sunday which was super cute, I was a fallen angel but my mum drew such a rubbish spider on my face and because I was running late I had to keep it on there the whole day :(. Luckily customers were telling me it looked good, even though I know they were LYING.

The day before I went to Fright Night I went to my friends graduation celebration party and the dress code was school uniform. It was SOOO WEIRD to put my school uniform on again, it still fits and everything. The weirdest thing was that when I found my school tie, it was still done up from when I last wore it at school and OMG that made me feel weird. I had such a good night overall.

I will talk about my next cool happenings (CONCERTS) in my next blog. But now I am off to do an essay for philosophy. The question title is "Numinous experiences are the most effective way for God to reveal himself" Discuss. I will try not to PUKE while I write it, WISH ME LUCK!

Thank you for reading and leave a comment telling me what cool stuff you've been doing lately.


12 October 2016

I have discovered so much amazing music recently so I couldn't not share it with you! Here are some of my most recent favourite songs:

1. A list - by Westrn
2. When you love someone - by James T W
3. Lethargy - by Bastille (can't wait to see it live!!!!)
4. Serial killer - by Lana Del Rey
5. Postpone - by Catfish and the Bottlemen (can't wait to see them live too!!!!)
6. Plus one - by You Me At Six
7. Moonlight - by Ariana Grande
8. Miracle aligner - by The Last Shadow Puppets
9. 24K magic - by Bruno Mars
10. Parking lot - by Vant
11. Best I ever had - by Drake
12. She's casual - The Hunna
13. Cherry vimto - by Viola Beach
14. Run - by COIN
15. Single - by The Neighbourhood
16. UGH! - by The 1975
17. Dear diary - by Darlia
18. LA devotee - by Panic! At the Disco
19. Are you in love with a notion? - by Courteeners
20. Junk food forever - by The Amazons

As you can see my music taste is pretty much everything so there is a variety of different genres in this collection of songs. I would recommend all of these songs as ones to listen to and look out for especially if you're like me and have a broad music taste. If not then hopefully some of these songs will take your interest :)


22 September 2016

Ok. Ok. So I know it's not the end of September yet but I couldn't wait to share my favourite things. I guess a better title for this post would be "Mid-September faves" or just "Faves of right now". Anyway, Here are 15 of my favourite things right now :)

1. Kylie Jenner lip kit in the colour "Love Bite". I won't talk about this too much as I've already written about it in my previous blog post.

2. Rockatuer blush by Benefit. This is my all time favourite blusher and my all time favourite Benefit product along with the High Beam highlighter. It gives an amazing rose gold finish.

3. Porefessional face balm also by Benefit. This product works so well at minimising the visibility of pores on your face and leaves your face feeling so smooth for a good base for makeup if you wanted to use it as a primer.

4. Hoola bronzer by Benefit (this is the last Benefit product I promise). It gives a lovely matte finish and you can make it as natural or as intense as you want.

5. Lasting Finish foundation by Rimmel London. It gives a perfect amount of coverage to my liking and is an amazing base for makeup.

6. Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection. I love this because it is such good coverage for blemishes and is also a great under eye illuminator. At first I thought the consistency of this concealer was too thick but that just adds to the coverage and it just needs blending nicely.

7. Burt's Bees lip balms. Not a lot to say about these other than they are moisturising and hydrating to the lips... and they smell amazing!

8. Glow stick highlighter by Topshop. Topshop makeup in general is sooo underrated! This highlighter is always a must-have for me and is so easy to apply. It looks so pretty on as well.

9. Eyeshadows by Topshop. I don't actually know the names of these eyeshadows but they are always around the counter in Topshop. They are my favourites because they are holographic on your eyes and it looks so cool (the camera doesn't do the eyeshadows justice). 

10. O lipstick by Mac. I have never heard anybody mention this product before which surprises me as it is such a beautiful colour. It looks like a metallic brown but on the lips it is kind of iridescent and shines gold. It's so hard to explain but WHO CARES IT LOOKS SOOO COOL!

11. Bogota Blackberry by OPI. I don't even have to explain why this is one of my favourite things right now, just look at it. It is beautiful! I collect OPI nail polishes every time I go away and I saw this one and couldn't resist! (Maybe I will do a blog post in the future showing my collection of nail polishes, let me know in the comments if you'd like to see that).

12. My Future Listography from Urban Outfitters. For anyone who hasn't heard of this book, it encourages you to list things relating to your future and tells you what to list at the top of each page. For example, the top of one page says "list the cities you plan to visit". I love this as I find making lists so calming and would recommend this book to anyone.

13. Top from Urban Outfitters. I love this because it could be such a plain top but it isn't due to all of the colourful detailing.

14. Skirt from New Look. Just in case you couldn't see through the dreadful lighting and quality of the picture, this skirt is definitely burgundy!! Which is perfect for the forthcoming autumnal season (pls bring back summer).

15. Wild World album by Bastille. My favourite song on the album at the moment is "Lethargy" and I can't waaaait to see them next month!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are. Let me know in the comments! :)


9 September 2016

So I finally got a Kylie Jenner Lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. This one is in the shade "Love Bite". It gives a lovely matte finish which is not drying to your lips and doesn't crack which is so good for me as I normally have this problem with other liquid lipsticks or matte lip products. All the lip kits also smell amazing (like flumps or just marshmallows in general) although this is currently my only lip kit. I have tried Candy K which I would definitely recommend as a must have nude lip colour. Other Kylie lip kits which I would like to try are probably Koko K, Kristen, Dolce K and the metals collection as they look amazing; they all look amazing. Obviously, due to the cost of shipping and customs, these lip kits aren't affordable to everyone so good dupes of the Kylie liquid lipsicks are the NYX "Liquid Suede" liquid lipsticks and a dupe for Love Bite would be "LSCL04 - Soft Spoken".