12 July 2017


Lately I have been accumulating new beauty products and I really love them so I thought I'd share them with you. Hopefully you will love them as much as I do! These products are also quite affordable which is amazing for me because I always watch beauty YouTubers and think OMG, I need that palette! Then I actually look how much it is and it ends up being £50+.

The newest addition to my make-up collection is the 35OS Morphe shimmer eyeshadow palette. This was only £22 which I thought was quite reasonable given the range of different shades and for a high end palette, it would cost twice the price for half the number of shades. It's not only the price that is good about this palette, but the formula of the shades and the colours. I feel like this palette would mainly be good for summer and would be a must have for holidays but it could be used in any season. Due to the range of shades from warm colours to neutral and dark colours, it could be a good palette for beginners as there are so many looks that you can do with it.

My second new beauty addition is the Solstice highlighter palette from Sleek. This palette is the best drugstore highlight and gives the best glow. It is my favourite highlighter over some high end ones as well. The top left is a cream highlighter and the rest of the shades are powder. I find powder highlight more sparkly whilst cream ones give a natural glow so you can use either depending on which look you are going for. The pink shade is good for fair skin. I usually use this one as a base and put the bottom left shade on top as it gives the most sparkle. I will also use the more orangey shade as a base if I am going for more of a bronzed look and this would be perfect for darker skin tones. I will apply this to my cheek bones and underneath my eyebrows but the only thing I don't like about the palette is the brush; I use my own highlighting brush for it. This was £9.99

Slightly less new additions to my make-up are these NYX single eyeshadows. These are the shades Golden Peach, LOL, and Heat Chaleur (from left to right). I have been using these 3 shades together lately to give quite a peachy, summer look. I would say these are the best drugstore eyeshadows and are good value for money. I think they are £3/£4 each and NYX do so many colours but these ones are my favourite and they go together so well. They also have blue and purples if you're feeling adventurous.

The last new thing I bought was a lipstick from Topshop. This was actually on sale for £3 but I think Topshop lipsticks are usually around £8. It is still a good deal as this lipstick reminds me of Faux by Mac and it is quite matte and long lasting. Below is the shade Anon and I always say how underrated Topshop makeup is. It isn't too expensive and I have never bought a product from them that I don't like! Their nail polishes are also quite good. Again, this nude shade would be perfect for all seasons and good for beginners as well because it is a neutral pinky nude that isn't too out there.


1. Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette - Too Faced
2. Naked Heat eyeshadow palette - Urban Decay
3. Ultimate Brights eyeshadow palette - NYX
4. Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette - Anastasia Beverly Hills
5. Holy Grail eyeshadow palette - Violet Voss
6. Vacation eyeshadow palette - Kylie Cosmetics
7. Twig lipstick - MAC
8. GALifournia blush - Benefit
9. Dandelion twinkle powder highlighter - Benefit
10. Jaclyn Hill eyeshadow palette - Morphe

Please let me know what you think of any of these products that you have tried from my new additions and wishlist. Thank you so much for reading :)