30 December 2016

Merry awkward stage between Christmas and New year everyone! I hope you all had a FAB Christmas, just like I did. I ate so much and I'm not even ashamed because I feel like that is intrinsic to Christmas. Obviously I had a significantly large Christmas dinner on Christmas Day, which would have been rude not to have finished, but I also had a HUGE baked brie on Boxing Day (which is one of my favourite things ever). However, I am going back to normal eating now and I can't decide whether that is good or bad.

A few days before Christmas, my boyfriend Adam and I went to London for the day and then went to Winter Wonderland in the evening. It was such a good day out we saw so many Pret A Mangers (where I work) and I just had to go in one. Once food was out of the way, we went shopping on Oxford Street an I LOVE the Topshop there because it has cupcakes, a place to get your nails done and so many cool things that other Topshops don't have.

After Oxford Street, we caught the tube to Knightsbridge and took a trip to Harrods. This really was a trip because it felt like we were in there for hours; it is so big and it reminds me of IKEA because you can't find your way back out. You can tell I really should not be shopping in Harrods if I am comparing it to IKEA.

Finally, we decided it was time to go to Winter Wonderland and I felt like I was at the Christmas version of Disneyland. We went on the big ferris wheel but didn't want to go on other rides because one of them was £8!! I think one of my financial goals in life is to be able to spend £8 on a single ride without caring. I also ate a slice of pizza bigger than my head which was an inevitable highlight (I need to stop talking about food).

I have worked quite a bit throughout the holidays too, like on Christmas Eve. After working on Christmas Eve I went to midnight mass which, I guess is technically on Christmas day if it's midnight. That was eventful because a bouquet set on fire, everyone was fine though. After sleeping it was present opening time! Here are some of my FAB presents:

I loved everything I got so much but I have mention one of the DVDs I received which was Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Café. I had actually never heard of this film until I opened it; I watched it and it may be one of my favourite films, it is amazing and definitely worth a watch.
Thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have a happy new year :)


19 December 2016

In my most recent blog post I told you all how I went about applying to university and that I had finally done it. Since then, my application for uni was sent off to my college lecturers for them to write a reference for me. Once the references were finished, the final, completed application was sent by UCAS to all of the different universities of my choice. I applied to 4 different universities in the south of England for more or less the same course of BA Media and Communication.

After my application was sent to the universities I applied to, I had to wait for them to reply which was slightly nerve-racking to say the least. Although, it turns out I had nothing to worry about because I have been accepted into all 4 of the unis that I applied for and even got an unconditional offer from one of them. If the offer is unconditional it means that they will accept you onto the course and it doesn't matter what A-level grades you get. The remainder of my offers were conditional which was on the condition that I got certain grades at A-level.

The university I would most like to go to unfortunately isn't the one which gave me an unconditional offer and want me to get the amount of UCAS points that is equivalent to getting BBB at A-level, which means I will have to work really hard in order to get those grades. But, I feel like you need to work to achieve something because then you feel more like you've earned it.

Now, I just need to keep working hard with my A-levels and we will see how I do in my June exams. Wish me luck :) thank you so much for reading!