22 September 2016

Ok. Ok. So I know it's not the end of September yet but I couldn't wait to share my favourite things. I guess a better title for this post would be "Mid-September faves" or just "Faves of right now". Anyway, Here are 15 of my favourite things right now :)

1. Kylie Jenner lip kit in the colour "Love Bite". I won't talk about this too much as I've already written about it in my previous blog post.

2. Rockatuer blush by Benefit. This is my all time favourite blusher and my all time favourite Benefit product along with the High Beam highlighter. It gives an amazing rose gold finish.

3. Porefessional face balm also by Benefit. This product works so well at minimising the visibility of pores on your face and leaves your face feeling so smooth for a good base for makeup if you wanted to use it as a primer.

4. Hoola bronzer by Benefit (this is the last Benefit product I promise). It gives a lovely matte finish and you can make it as natural or as intense as you want.

5. Lasting Finish foundation by Rimmel London. It gives a perfect amount of coverage to my liking and is an amazing base for makeup.

6. Lasting Perfection concealer by Collection. I love this because it is such good coverage for blemishes and is also a great under eye illuminator. At first I thought the consistency of this concealer was too thick but that just adds to the coverage and it just needs blending nicely.

7. Burt's Bees lip balms. Not a lot to say about these other than they are moisturising and hydrating to the lips... and they smell amazing!

8. Glow stick highlighter by Topshop. Topshop makeup in general is sooo underrated! This highlighter is always a must-have for me and is so easy to apply. It looks so pretty on as well.

9. Eyeshadows by Topshop. I don't actually know the names of these eyeshadows but they are always around the counter in Topshop. They are my favourites because they are holographic on your eyes and it looks so cool (the camera doesn't do the eyeshadows justice). 

10. O lipstick by Mac. I have never heard anybody mention this product before which surprises me as it is such a beautiful colour. It looks like a metallic brown but on the lips it is kind of iridescent and shines gold. It's so hard to explain but WHO CARES IT LOOKS SOOO COOL!

11. Bogota Blackberry by OPI. I don't even have to explain why this is one of my favourite things right now, just look at it. It is beautiful! I collect OPI nail polishes every time I go away and I saw this one and couldn't resist! (Maybe I will do a blog post in the future showing my collection of nail polishes, let me know in the comments if you'd like to see that).

12. My Future Listography from Urban Outfitters. For anyone who hasn't heard of this book, it encourages you to list things relating to your future and tells you what to list at the top of each page. For example, the top of one page says "list the cities you plan to visit". I love this as I find making lists so calming and would recommend this book to anyone.

13. Top from Urban Outfitters. I love this because it could be such a plain top but it isn't due to all of the colourful detailing.

14. Skirt from New Look. Just in case you couldn't see through the dreadful lighting and quality of the picture, this skirt is definitely burgundy!! Which is perfect for the forthcoming autumnal season (pls bring back summer).

15. Wild World album by Bastille. My favourite song on the album at the moment is "Lethargy" and I can't waaaait to see them next month!!!

Thank you so much for reading and I'd love to know what some of your favourite things are. Let me know in the comments! :)


9 September 2016

So I finally got a Kylie Jenner Lip kit from Kylie Cosmetics. This one is in the shade "Love Bite". It gives a lovely matte finish which is not drying to your lips and doesn't crack which is so good for me as I normally have this problem with other liquid lipsticks or matte lip products. All the lip kits also smell amazing (like flumps or just marshmallows in general) although this is currently my only lip kit. I have tried Candy K which I would definitely recommend as a must have nude lip colour. Other Kylie lip kits which I would like to try are probably Koko K, Kristen, Dolce K and the metals collection as they look amazing; they all look amazing. Obviously, due to the cost of shipping and customs, these lip kits aren't affordable to everyone so good dupes of the Kylie liquid lipsicks are the NYX "Liquid Suede" liquid lipsticks and a dupe for Love Bite would be "LSCL04 - Soft Spoken".