*Disclaimer: Some of the pizza in this blog post has been gifted but all opinions are my own.

I have been to this pizza restaurant a few times now and I just had to write about it on my blog, as it really is the best pizza in Salisbury, if not this side of Napoli.

And the restaurant is ... Drumroll please ... PIZZA VENTI.

This is my favourite pizza restaurant and luckily for me, it is in my closest city! You are probably wondering why.

The pizza

Salisbury foodie Pizza at Pizza Venti Salisbury

First of all, let's talk about the main event - the pizza. I feel like if you try this pizza then you will definitely understand what I mean but it is everything you want when you have a pizza in my opinion. The crust is perfect and they are so generous with their toppings. It just feels like the pizzas are made with love there and I can tell that the pizza is really at the heart of what they do at Pizza Venti.

So far the pizzas I have tried on the menu are as follows:

  • Buffalo Special
  • Salisbury Foodie Signature
  • Sweet and Salty
  • Proscuitto
  • Sausage
  • All meat

Pizza flower pizza venti

This is all from trying my own and switching slices with other people but I did love all of them, it's hard to pick a favourite. I also tried a deconstructed pig in blanket pizza at Christmas which I'm hoping will make a return! Once when I went to Pizza Venti, they even let me try 4 toppings on one pizza for a special event they were hosting.
At Pizza Venti, they can pretty much do whatever toppings you want, there is an option to choose your own toppings which is fab.

The service

A big part of what makes Pizza Venti so special is the service you get when you go there. It is owned by a couple called Alex and Maria and I can tell it is so important to them to give their customers a homely experience. Apart from the pizza, their main focus is community, so you will often see them running community events and donating to charity.

Not only that, they are very accommodating and generous when you eat with them, it's as if they have invited you into their home and they want you to go home happy ... and full!

Should you visit Pizza Venti?

Buffalo special pizza at pizza venti salisbury

Yes! Without a doubt, if you live in Salisbury or are planning to visit Salisbury, definitely put this on your list of places to try. You can also get the pizza to take away and you can order it to be delivered if you live in Salisbury. Sadly, I live a bit too far out from Salisbury to get Pizza Venti delivered but it's probably a good thing as I'd be ordering it inhumane amounts.
What is your favourite pizza restaurant?


  1. Thanks for sharing your food experiences in Salisbury. The Food Explora in me is drooling. I love a good brick oven pizza. They taste far better compared to those of a franchise pizza restaurants. Food taste better with good customer service.

  2. I absolutely love pizza, especially if you can go out to a great restaurant and have it freshly made with fantastic ingredients. Pizza Venti sounds like a place I would really enjoy -- makes me wish I lived closed so I could get to it!
    Molly |

  3. This is awesome they have a takeaway. I will definitely add this to the list. And love to eat pizza haha. So, this will be perfect for me.

  4. I love pizza and this one looks so tasty! x

    Lucy Mary

  5. Thanks for sharing, sounds like they are some lovely places to have pizza around you :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures