If you were expecting a blog post with gourmet recipes for you to cook whilst at university then you are reading the wrong post. I will start by saying I cannot cook well at all and in the famous of words of chef Gordon Ramsay, I am an idiot sandwich when it comes to anything in the kitchen. However, I am also someone who survived my first year of university on my own cooking and I'm going to share my top tips on how I did that with other fellow novice chefs like myself.

Tip number 1 - If you visit home, make sure to always take left overs with you to uni. The microwave is your most important tool in the kitchen and will warm up anything from leftover roasts to leftover spag bol; the microwave is your new best friend.

Tip number 2 - Chips are in any students diet - but to make them healthier and cheaper for you, try buying potatoes and chopping them to make your own homemade chips in the oven. By doing this you will feel somewhat like a chef for making something of your own and it may boost your confidence. You might even go as far as trying it with sweet potatoes, but remember to take things at your own pace.

Tip number 3 - If possible, become best of friends with the people you meet who actually can cook because then you might actually get a decent meal. Try to encourage them to do big portions and then when they have lots left over, they will have no choice but to give you some. Obviously, you won't be able to repay them with your own cooking so just buy them a drink on your nights out to thank them.

Tip number 4 - Before starting university and moving from home, make sure you learn basics like how to poach eggs or how to cook pasta and super noodles because you may find that these are the only things you will be able to cook on your low budget and limited kitchen skills. Pasta is the holy grail of student living and if you're feeling a bit unhealthy after all the carbs, put some veg in it and join a uni sports society.

Tip number 5 - Never cook food after a night out. You may feel like you don't want to spend a fiver on the kebab at the end but trust me, it is better than setting fire to your house drunk.

Tip number 6 - Don't, under any circumstances, ever buy tinned macaroni, no matter how desperate you get.

Tip number 7 - Always try and cook at the same time as your housemates because if you mess something up, they will probably just feel sorry for you and help you.

Tip number 8 - If you are really feeling stuck and worried about something then perhaps buy a student cookbook because if you can read you can cook. Also don't forget to use google, your housemates may be as unskilled as you.

Tip number 9 - Make too much pasta or whatever you are having for dinner so you can have some for lunch the next day. It's stressful enough trying to think of what dinners you will get when you're food shopping let alone thinking about other meals like lunch. It is a rare occasion that you will wake up before lunch time to make breakfast.

Tip number 10 - Jokes aside, try and make cooking a fun experience not a daunting one. If you mess something up then just laugh and learn from your mistakes. You won't be the only atrocious cook trust me, I've seen some surprising food choices.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I hope you all become kitchen wizards in no time.


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