HELLO EVERYONE! Today's blog is going to be different to usual and probably more casual and maybe a bit ranty. I'm ranting because I have had SO MUCH STUFF TO DO. I have English Language coursework to do. For anyone who doesn't know I am doing my A levels and if you do A levels then you know THE PAIN I'm in. I have also been spending time writing and perfecting my personal statement so I can apply for university which is SO SCARY. I have been looking around unis since about July and I think I've finally made my decision of where to go. YAAAY. 
Also I have just booked my driving test (wish me luck) finally after months of being atrocious at driving! Luckily it has clicked!!!

My life hasn't only been stressy at the moment though. I have also done COOL STUFF too. For instance, I saw Bastille Live on Friday which was AMAZING and I am going to another 2 concerts on Saturday and Sunday which I will tell you about in my next blog (EXCITING!!!)

Another cool thing I've done lately: I went to Fright Night at Thorpe Park on the 23rd of October and it was defo frightening so it is living up to it's name! We only went in one maze which was Cabin in the Woods and that was enough for me lol I prefer the rides. MY FAVE RIDE IS SAW  but a couple days before we went it got stuck for 45 minutes apparently; that wasn't stopping me though!

Because it was Halloween on Monday, I got to dress up for work on Sunday which was super cute, I was a fallen angel but my mum drew such a rubbish spider on my face and because I was running late I had to keep it on there the whole day :(. Luckily customers were telling me it looked good, even though I know they were LYING.

The day before I went to Fright Night I went to my friends graduation celebration party and the dress code was school uniform. It was SOOO WEIRD to put my school uniform on again, it still fits and everything. The weirdest thing was that when I found my school tie, it was still done up from when I last wore it at school and OMG that made me feel weird. I had such a good night overall.

I will talk about my next cool happenings (CONCERTS) in my next blog. But now I am off to do an essay for philosophy. The question title is "Numinous experiences are the most effective way for God to reveal himself" Discuss. I will try not to PUKE while I write it, WISH ME LUCK!

Thank you for reading and leave a comment telling me what cool stuff you've been doing lately.


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